Let's be honest, everyone LOVES to receive something from the post man on their doorstep, but no one mails things anymore. The answer? Online shopping! Not to mention, the best sales are found online these days! Psssst - All the products listed are ones I use myself!

Photography & Videography

Samsung NX1000

This DSLR camera is teeny tiny, but still powerful. What's the photo quality like? To give you an idea, almost all of the photos taken on this site are with my Samsung NX1000.

What I Love Most: It's so small!

Gorilla TriPod

This thing WILL change the way you take photos & videos. I use it with both my Samsung camera + GoPro. With it's flexible legs, you can attach it anywhere! Imagine the possibilities!

What I Love Most: It's versatility!

Samsung Pancake Lens

In case my NX1000 camera wasn't already small enough, I use this pancake lens, first, to cut down on camera size, and second, because the photo quality improves greatly as well.

What I Love Most: It's compact size!

POV Pole

This POV Pole for the GoPro is made by SP Gadgets. GoPro makes one (which is much pricier), so I was hesitant on the quality, but I've found it's quite sturdy!

What I Love Most: Simple extension & locking

GoPro Hero 4 Silver

This GoPro takes stunning videos, making any amateur videographer look like a pro! It's also very simple to learn how to use & the touch display on the back lets you easily change shooting settings.

What I Love Most: The display screen on the back!

64 GB Micro SD MemorY

Since using this in my GoPro I'm yet to run out of video space! It's reliable, and comes with an SD card reader size converter, so it may be used with my Mac.

What I Love Most: The price (on Amazon)



London Fog 29"

I've found that London Fog luggage screams quality; this one comes with complimentary little clear travel bags inside. Not to mention, there's very limited mocha brown bags on the luggage carousel!

What I Love Most: It's stand out mocha brown!

London Fog Carry On 21"

With it's spinner wheels, this bag is easily maneuverable through trains and busses. I use this bag often, and it's reliable wheels, zippers and handles have stood up to the challenge well!

What I Love Most: It's spinner wheels!

Kate Spade Cedar Street

I use this bag every day, for both life and travel. It fits everything I need to have with me for a day (laptop included). I have it in pink, (not available online anymore), so I've linked the black version.

What I Love Most: It's capacity!

Carry on + purse in photo ↠ ↠


Carry On Necessities

Nalgene Water Bottle

A reusable water bottle is a must while traveling (so you don't pay $6 for water in an airport). I love using Nalgene bottles because they NEVER break, and the wide mouth is perfect for fitting ice cubes in.

What I Love Most: The zillion colour options!

Nivea Roll-On

Nobody ever liked a smelly next-seat-neighbour on the plane. This roll on doesn't leave little white clumps, or stain your clothes, and it really does work all day long. 

What I Love Most: It's confidence inducing!

EL Moisturizer

Frequent flying does horrible things to your skin. Keeping up with moisturizing your skin will make a big difference in the appearance and softness of your skin, especially when changing climates.

What I Love Most: It goes on like silk!


Makeup Removing Wipes

Between destinations, give your skin some time to breathe. These makeup removing wipes smell wonderful, and are smooth when taking makeup off. They're a must in every carry on. 

What I Love Most: Fresh smell

Clinique Powder

When arriving at your destination, it's nice to look presentable. "You just traveled for 20 hours, I could never tell!" This pressed powder keeps oil in check, and finishes with a perfect matte look!

What I Love Most: Natural looking coverage

Audible Audio Books

Fun/terrible fact: some airlines have started charging for movie on the plane! Bring something you're really interested in on the plane, with the massive book selection from audible!

What I Love Most: Selection variety



13" Macbook Pro

I got a few upgrades with my Mac for blogging and web design. It's mighty fast, even with a billion things open. If have a problem anywhere in the world, I can generally find an Apple store for help.

What I Love Most: It's speed & power

Travel Blog Success

TBS's main course covers EVERYTHING you need to know to create a successful travel blog. I noticed a lot of the major names in travel blogging were members, so tested it out, and am very satisfied!

What I Love Most: The members Facebook group!

Travel Blog Success

TPS Website Design

This is my website design shop, so I might be a little biased, but I think it is fabulous! I especially love working with bloggers, because we get to chat about blogging constantly when working together!

What I Love Most: Websites created are beautiful!


Travel Booking


When quickly heading from one city to the next, you hardly have time to search up cab numbers in each city. Uber is everyone's personal driver, and they are available in most cities you'll visit. 

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AirBnB is my choice for somewhere to stay when in a pricier city. Friendly hosts may become new friends around the world, and you enjoy a less touristy experience. 

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