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Page by Paige encourages readers to incorporate travel into their regular life and act on their travel dreams. Paige is on a mission to help others solve the questions ‘How to start traveling?’ and ‘How to incorporate travel into my everyday life?’


Instead of encouraging readers to sell their life's possessions and quit their steady job to travel the world, the blog encourages readers to incorporate travel into their regular life; may it be a weekend trip, or a longer adventure. Page by Paige provides those living ordinary lives the resources and inspiration to act on their travel dreams.

Readers are highly interested in travel, shopping, current TV/movies, and technology. Readers are primarily young, American, females; a perfect demographic to travel. These young American females turn to online resources (blogs!) to plan their trips, and social media for inspiration.


Readers have access to interviews with those living abroad, accommodation reviews, destination guides, recommendation lists of must-see locations/events, as well as inspiration for their wanderlust by traveling along with Paige via destination blog posts and videos.

The blog aims to remove perceived barriers to travel, and gives readers the resources to take the trip they've have in their mind for some time.


Page by Paige blog


Originally from Toronto, Paige is an avid traveler, having spent months at a time living abroad. Paige currently is an expat living in Hannover, Germany. Previously, Paige resided in Oxford, Mississippi while completing her Master's degree at Ole Miss.

A passion for encouraging others to live a fulfilling life by making the greatest use of their free time led Paige to pursue an undergraduate and graduate degree in Recreation and Special Events. As such, Paige has built a strong foundation of knowledge on the benefits of, and strategies for encouraging participation in recreation and leisure activities, (including travel!)

Not simply a hobby-blogger, Paige has become a member of a number of networks and prestigious courses with the intent of increasing Page by Paige's reach, and success. The blog has enjoyed tremendous growth since it's creation in April 2014.

Outside of the blog, Paige also helps ladies who need a website, but not the headache of creating one through her website design shop, The Paige Studio.


Each of the companies and brands featured on the blog are handpicked. The intent is to work together closely to define your aim in the partnership and provide real value to your brand and business. Collaboration with Page by Paige enables your brand to obtain a personal story and recommendation from a blogger that readers know, like, and trust.

All sponsored posts are live on the blog 2-3 weeks after the trip/event. Social media coverage is completed pre, during and post trip/event.

Sponsors Have Access To Paige For

  • Restaurant & travel destination promotion
  • Representation at events
  • Product reviews
  • Giveaways
  • Social media promotion
  • Brand ambassadorship

  Types of coverage Available

  • Blog posts (inclusion in a destination post, review style, round up, etc.) 
  • YouTube Video (new!)
  • Instagram campaign or Instagram take over
  • Pinterest pins on blog & group boards of choice
  • Snapchat coverage (coming soon)

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