Which Degrees Will Let Me Travel The World?

What to take in school to live a life of travel

Little bright eyed wanderer, longing for a life of travel, but maybe too afraid, or influenced by society to be truly wild and skip school all together. Or maybe you really have a passion for education, but want to choose something that will enable you to globe trot after school is over. You're wondering, "I want to travel in my life, what's the best degree to get for that?"

Fantastic question really! Let's explore, shall we?

1. Medicine

Doctors are needed everywhere. Potential careers could be with Doctors Without Borders, the Red Cross, or in a traditional doctors office or hospital around the world. Now, it's important to note, medicine degrees are not accepted equally everywhere, eg. the USA is extremely picky about foreign medicine degrees. When applying to your program of choice, check what other countries your certification would be valid in!

2. Journalism

There's been a dozen times in the past that I look at thrilling international jobs, often found through travel blogging groups, and then wish I had taken Journalism in school.  Traditional journalism is not for the faint of heart however, news happens in all corners of the world, safe, and otherwise, which must be covered by journalists. Your ideal living situation not living in Syria covering the current news? Journalism degrees are  also often preferred for social media managers. Every company these days has a social media manager, and it could be you! Which country and company are you eyeing?!

What to take in school to live a life of travel

3. Mathematics & Statistics

No matter where you go in the world, numbers and equations are the same. Not to mention, math and statistics are generally challenging subjects people like to avoid, therefore making you all the more valuable, enabling you to choose exactly where you would like to work!

4. English As A Second Language

If you are a native English speaker, go thank your lucky stars now. You were fortunate enough to learn from childhood the worlds primary language which others pay thousands, and spend years in school to learn. With your native English, along with a TESL certification you're equipped to go teach in a great number of other countries! Want to learn more about teaching English? My very own sister answers the most common teaching English as a second language questions in this post!

5. Tourism

Yes, tourism is a real degree! After all, someone has to run the tourism industry! Those with tourism degrees will often find themselves interacting with those from all around the world, and business trips, or opportunities in different locations are frequent. Jobs include a tourist information centre manager, travel agency manager (pssst - the job with all the travel deal perks!), event organizer, and hotel manager.

These are the degree's that will enable you to most easily travel the world!

6. Aviation

The most common route of "I want to travel, what job should I get?" leads to: flight attendant! Good luck getting a flight attendant job without a second language however! No second language? Becoming a pilot enables you to fly for your profession, and generally comes with lots and lots of flight benefits. Where to next?!

7. Law

Okay, I'll admit, law is generally a bad field to enter if you want to travel. Why? Because laws are very specific to each individual country, and you generally can only practice law in the country in which you earned your degree. So why is it on the list? There is a prime job I don't think most entering law would think of! If you would like to work in the consulate of your country while abroad, you're in luck with a law degree! Consulates seek those who want to live abroad, and almost always want someone with a background in law. Those working in consulates help their fellow citizens get out of tricky spots while abroad. Interesting work, not to mention stable as it's a government position.


8. Political Science - International Relations

Errybody has a government of some sort, and those governments interact on a regular basis. Why not try out studying International Relations, a subsection of political science? You'll be the next John Kerry, just more trendy!

9. Astronaut School

Space still counts as travel, right? Looking to go FAR after school? Becoming an astronaut generally requires having already obtained an undergraduate degree (or more) in programs such as Engineering, Biology, Science, or Mathematics, and then joining the space academy of your country. I can promise you you'll win the unspoken, but still very present, competition of who had the coolest travel photos on Facebook this summer. 

10. Bar Tending

This isn't necessarily a university program, more college or a community college program, but there's no question you can go far with skill and education in bartending. Drinking is a pass time of choice for people worldwide. Bartending is also well known to be a trade where you can walk up to a bar and ask if there's openings without a super formal application, interview and visa like most careers.


Bonus! Work Remotely

Remote work sounds like a complete dream come true if you ask me! Didn't get one of the degrees above, but have a job that is completed primarily from a computer? Wahoo! Remote work could be the answer! Why stay in your living room? Why not complete that online project from the beach/mountain/adorable cafe in France? 

Not into traveling solo while working remotely? I stumbled across the Remote Year program the other day! It enables you to travel the world with interesting people, while working remotely. They're setting off to 12 cities in June 2016. That means you still have a few months to arrange a remote working position! Can;t wait for you to tell me all about it! 


What did you take in school? Do you have a plan to use that degree to live abroad, wether or not it's a usual direction to take?

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