What To Do :: Usedom Island, Germany

Heading to Usedom Island in Germany soon? Wondering what to do on your trip? Here are my top 8 must-do activities while visiting this fantastic vacation destination on the Baltic Sea!


1. Heringsdorf Beach

Starting with the obvious. Heringsdorf Beach beach is extremely long, uninterrupted by private property, and is spotted with traditional German sun chairs. Perfect for long walks, or long naps on the sand which sometimes is said to 'sing' to you. Magical.


2. Boating

Motorboats may be rented inexpensively (from €53 for 2 hours) through Wasserlinie. Choose to drive one yourself (boating license-free) or have a skipper take you out. If you'd prefer a more adventurous form of boating, kite surfing and SUP are also popular on the island. Head to Kite Fieber to get outfitted with gear or to take a lesson. 


3. Spend An Afternoon At Schloss Mellenthin

While many castles have fallen into ruin as there just isn't enough income to upkeep them, this isn't the case for Schloss Mellenthin. Enjoy the many many restaurants areas, the coffee roasting shop, the brewery, the hotel, the spa, and my personal favourite, the mote you can float around on atop a wooden palette. Pushing myself gondola-style around the mote of a castle is up there for one of the most unique touristy things I've ever done.


4. Step Over To Poland

Poland is quite literally a hop and skip away. It's easily within view from Heringsdorf Beach (#1), so you may as well take a stroll across while you're on Usedom Island. I of course suggest pulling the Mandy Moore in 'A Walk To Remember' move and stand with one foot on each side of the border.

Aweee, how cute. (Who else is significantly over Nicholas Sparks books/movies because they're all the same now though?)

5. Stroll By The Mansions On And Around Dünenstraße

For a quick summary of the history of Usedom, which is really what makes the island so special, visit this quick post. Long story short the main road, Dünenstraße, by Ahlbeck Beach is full of impressive mansions from a long-gone era. They have however been restored in more recent years, and are truly a sight to behold as 'they just don't make them like that anymore.'

6. Bike The Island

The island itself is full of nature and wildlife, it has a very untouched feeling when you head away from the touristy hubs. Biking is really one of the best ways to take in the beauty of both the adorable towns and natural landscapes in between. Pick up a rental bike from the Bike Sharing program Usedom Rad which has many locations available all over the island. Continuing to prove that Usedom is extremely budget friendly, a bike rental for the day is just € 9.


7. Eat With A View On A Middle-Less Castle

You can't completely see it in this photo, but this castle is chopped off in the middle. Notice how it ends a little abruptly on the side? There's a second half to it to the right. When renovated, it seems the middle was a goner, so now it's just a very unique building. Thankfully there's a fantastic restaurant, Restaurant Remise built in the castles old stables with a patio over looking the funny castle. The chef of Restaurant Remise took up the position in Usedom as a passion project, and his meals are impeccable. 


8. Dine At Cafe Knatter

This well-rated restaurant boasts both fantastic dishes, and an even better view. The cafe has a perfect view on the expansive watery horizon. It's a must-visit restaurant on the island.


Special thanks to my dedicated reader/boyfriend's mother for many of the photos she gave me for this post! 

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