Visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Helloooooo readers! My gosh I've missed you. No I promise I didn't get sucked up into a black hole, instead I just completed my Master's thesis and absolute last comprehensive exams! I have exactly 38 days until I graduate ... but of course you know, who's counting? Definitely not me ...

With a very short period of time left living in the South, the clock was ticking to get to a very important bucket list destination, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, FL. 

I actually visited with my family years ago, just about a month before the Harry Potter section of the park originally opened. I remember peeking through the construction walls and seeing the Hogwarts Express. I was SO upset we went to visit right before it opened!

Years later, I went back and finally spent the day wandering through the world of Harry Potter. Come visit with me, I'm showing you around in the video below, and in my next post I'll give you all the tips and details on visiting!