Travel Well & Travel Often

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"Page by Paige ... Did you loose weight? New haircut? I just can't put my finger on it... Somethings different"

The blog received a makeover (completed by my studio of course!), and I could not be more thrilled to welcome you to it! A makeover isn't all however, the change came from within, from the heart of the blog. Let me explain.

I bring readers with me on each of my adventures, and give not-so-subtle hints that I want you to go out and hop aboard your next trip too! The blog is full of posts featuring girls living abroad, destination inspiration, travel tips and planning, funny culture posts (at least I think they're funny), and of course very important to travel; finance posts!

I love to travel; travel makes me cheery, provides a purpose and passion in my life, and makes me excited to get out of bed in the morning. I am constantly being asked the questions "Paige, where did you get back from" and "Paige, do you even work/go to school?"

Over the year and a half Page by Paige has been live, it's slowly but surely moved in the direction of becoming a resource destination for those looking to travel, may it be a short weekend trip, or a longer adventure. Nothing makes me happier then when I hear from readers that I assisted in planning their next adventure, and the information I provided was helpful to them in some way.

(Yayyyy! HAVE A FABULOUS TIME my lovely wanderlusting friend!)

The blog's new motto you ask? Well of course....

Travel Well • Travel Often

Alright, now you know the reason behind the redesign, there's still lots to see! Would you like the grand tour? Yes?!

Homepage: It provides easy access to the important bits; the latest posts, a little about the blog, my Instagram (in case you're not already following ... another not-so-subtle nudge, nudge), a pointer in the direction of my Start Here page, popular posts, the full blog post archive, AND a search bar, so you can quickly and easily find whatever you need in the click of a button! ... Whew, that was exhausting just to list off!

About pages: Also new around the blog, my about page was given a spruce up. On the about my story page I'm going wayyyyy back with y'all, and telling you how I came to being the travel-bug bitten lady I am today. (Worth a peruse.) 

Start Here: "Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start." The Start Here page has a sprinkling of the best posts to get you going on your travel adventure, along with some fabulous links to sites that are rather helpful when concocting a trip.

Blog: In case you missed a few posts recently (yes, I'll forgive you this once), and need to catch up on the latest posts.

Travel drop down menu: Has every travel related post enclosed in the sections. It's divided up by common interest areas you might need. Need an idea of where to go on your net trip? Visit the destinations page, there's also a tips + planning section, finances, live + study abroad, events + festivals, and culture (generally an area full of laugh-inducing conclusions on culture - have you SEEN what southerners wear to school?!)

And of course, there's a link to my website design shop in the top navigation! If you're loving my new site, (why thank you, you're so kind) I'd be happy to help create you something equally wonderful, and tailored perfectly to you! Head over to my design shop, and we'll chat!


If while you're walking through the new site and find a glitch, please do let me know! There's bound to be one or two out there!

So now you've taken the grand tour, tell me; what is your favourite new feature on the site?! Anything it doesn't have currently that you'd love to see added? I'm all ears!