Travel & Money Transfers: Solved!

Ah yes, everyone's favourite super glamorous topic. Figuring out how to split up costs while traveling with friends.

If Ashley paid $300 for groceries, Melissa for $250 gas, Robyn for $200 football tickets, Brooke for $80 dinner, Nicole for $35 for a cab, and myself $300.00 for a hotel, how much does everyone owe everyone else? (This is an issue we run into most weekends of summer). Sound familiar?

1/6th of it all, plus the fees to transfer it to everyone, ugh!

As someone who is away with friends on weekend trips, and travels frequently with others, managing to pay everyone the correct amount starts to become a nightmare.

Friends and I have now started using the one person pays for everything for a weekend method, so we all only have to transfer one person money at the end of our trip, and avoid dealing with the hassle of transferring to 5 other people, plus the fees to make 5 transfers. (And that poor, unlucky person runs up quite the hefty bill to pay for multiple people).

I found my answer, and thank god, because it's about time.

Square Cash (who so generously sponsored this post), got in contact asking me to test out their app, and I'm so glad I did!

Square Cash is the super-simple, speed-of-light money transfer app with no fees to make transfers when sending between friends and family.

To give the app a test drive, my roommate who is currently in England, and myself in Canada, both hooked up the app up to our U.S. bank accounts.

While chatting and discussing how long we thought it might take to see the money taken from my bank account and added into hers, the money had already been sent and arrived.

Square Cash App - Travel Money Transfers.PNG

Now in the future when my roommate and I go away, and run up a little travel bill, we know the app we're using to sort it all out... or I could see us using it to sort out the electric bill too for that matter.

Unlike PayPal where it takes a few days to make test deposits into your account, Square Cash is able to start working right away! That means you can download it on your phone now, set up your account, and pay your friend 5 minutes from now.

The money doesn't just stay within the app either, it gets directly deposited or withdrawn from the bank account you link up!

Psssst, Square Cash has a little promo happening currently. Invite one of your contacts to join Square Cash, and you both get $5!

And there you have it, your money transfer issues have been solved. As any frequent traveler knows, the transferring money to friends issue is a frequent one, so I'd list this as a must-have app for anyone who likes to takes trips or weekend adventures with others!