Travel In Fall Style

I have to admit, I do LOVE writing these types of posts. Round ups of the items I've been eyeing, and trends I've been spotting, followed by lots of online browsing; my idea of a well-spent Sunday night!

If you're an active Pinterester or Instagrammer, you might have started to pick up on a few of these trends already. 

(Psssst - have you joined my parties on Pinterest and Instagram yet?! That's where this girl wastes most of her time. You too? Knew we'd get along well!).

I've compiled all the must-have items for this fall so you can shop it all in one place. I can always use another shopping buddy. Come along!

You, compadre, will be the most stylish traveler around this fall!

Of course before you do ANY shopping; be sure you're in on my online shopping secret. Making money while online shopping has never been easier!

... That sounded really sale-sey... but really.

Travel in fall style

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Travel In Style: Blanket Scarf

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An Autumn-esc Jacket

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A pearl cluster necklace

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Which are you liking, loving and lusting for?