Toronto's Top 10 Summer Events

Top 10 Toronto Summer Events

You know when you're scrolling through Instagram or Facebook and see what feels like everyone you know at the most amazing events, and you had no idea about them until just then when it's too late to go? Terrible, right?

Every great summer starts with a great plan, so you know when the cant-miss events are and plan accordingly to get to each. This is a mix of events I've attended previously and loved, and some new ones that really caught my eye! If you're in Toronto or the area for the summer, be sure to get to as many as you can! Maybe I'll see you there.


ROM Friday Night Live, June 12, 19 & 26th

Top 10 Toronto Summer Events

I just attended the May 29th event, and it was fantastic! The ROM is opened at night for ticket holders to explore the exhibits. Bars, and cultural food stalls are scattered throughout, as well as stages with a wide variety of music. There was an amazing performance in the lobby, with the most unusual combination of dance music and Indian/Bollywood beats.


Polo For Heart, June 19 - 21st

Top 10 Toronto Summer Events
Top 10 Toronto Summer Events

Start rummaging through your closet and pantry, you'll need a sundress, a large hat or fascinator, and one heck of a picnic spread. Keep in mind, the event is at the Toronto Polo Club, but the club is actually outside the city. The club only hosts a few large, open-to-the-public polo events, so don't miss it!


Lost In Flotation, June 21th

As you know from 80+ Dates To Celebrate, the Summer Solstice is a good a reason as any for a celebration. After your trip to the polo, head back into the city and down to the lake. Hop aboard a large boat, full of equally excited party-goers to celebrate the longest day of the year!


The Queen's Plate, July 5th

Don't loose your outfit choices from the polo, you'll need them again for The Queen's Plate. It is the horse racing event of the summer held at Woodbine race track. If you're not familiar with betting, you can get a crash course lesson at the Hats & Horseshoes party, along with lawn games, and some red carpet walking.


Pan Am Opening Ceremony, July 10th

The games are coming to Toronto! It's slightly concerning as a resident to just think of the traffic that's going to come with the massive influx of visitors. BUT, the old saying goes, if you can't beat them, join them. There's no point in hating the games, they're coming either way, so go enjoy them! If sports aren't your thing, then make sure to get to the Opening Ceremony held at the Rogers Center. I've heard its going to be quite the performance.


Pan Am Games, July 10 - 26th

Tickets to the sports events are really inexpensive, and you'll be able to see some of the best athletes in the world compete. I'm heading to the gold medal field hockey game; which sport will you attend?


Pirate Party Cruise, July 17th

Dress like a pirate, drink like a pirate, party like a pirate... just make sure not to get thrown overboard during this midnight boat cruise through the Toronto h-ARRRR-bour.


Slide The City, July 18 - 19th

Slide The City is coming to Toronto to set up a massive slip and slide! You can use a tube provided, or bring your own floaty. This giant swan is my floaty of choice! See ya on the slip-slide!


Toronto Festival of Beer, July 24 - 26th

This massively popular festival packs a tun of brewery stalls into Exhibition Place, and you can test drive different beers to your hearts delight! Tickets for the Saturday are already sold out - so don't hesitate to pick yours up ASAP! While you're at the festival, maybe don't attempt to try them all though, that's a little ambitious.


Toronto International Film Festival, September 10 - 20th

This festival is great for two things. 1. You can be the first to see big, upcoming releases & 2. Celebrity spotting. A-list celebrities flood the city for the festival. For the best chance to meet your celebrity crush, head to the Yorkville area of the city. This swank area is where most celebrities lay their heads at night in luxury hotels.


I'd just like to give a quick apology! This post was 90% written on Sunday night when my Firefox browser crashed; not cool Firefox, not cool. I had to re-write the entire thing. Thankfully, it's here now!

What event are you most looking forward to in your city this summer? Any amazing ones we don't have in Toronto?