The Wildest Parties; Val Thorens, French Alps

Backstory: While I was on exchange to England, I took a trip to Val Thorens (part of the 3 Valleys ski resort) in the French Alps. To say it was the best week of my exchange would be an understatement. I had no expectations of the trip, I just wanted to ski in Europe, as that's a rare opportunity being a Canadian.

Val Thorens Wildest Parties, Malaysia, 360, La Folie Douche

What I didn't realize before going; the French can throw a down right party.

  • Lighting bars on fire in caves? Not safe & also no problem.
  • Champagne showers are rampant.
  • People on vacation are giving, so there's free drinks and interesting international conversations to be had at every turn.
  • Val Thorens offers amazing terrain, so it's a haven for those experienced ski-bums looking for the winter party of their life.

Okay, now we've determined you need to add it to the bucket list: 'Val Thorens, France = Best Party Of My Life - Says Paige' is I hope what you wrote.

So which spots do you need to hit to fulfill your lifelong dream of going wild on the side of a mountain?

La Folie Douche

You might have heard of it before, because well, it's a big deal. You talk to anyone who's been to Val Thorens, I can guarantee they spent an afternoon... or 7, full ski-appareled out, champagne bottle in hand, engaging in the slightly odd La Folie Douche culture, and dancing on tables.

When I say the bar is on the side of a mountain, I mean literally, side of the mountain. A ski lift passes just over top. It looks like your normal ski chalet, just with a hit of tequila and loud music all day.

360 Bar

360 Bar, similar to La Folie  Douche, is a side of the mountain dance-bar type chalet. One thing is guaranteed every time, an amazing view to dance the afternoon away to. Now and again you can also find some big name DJ's that come to play there. On a side note, they have delicious mulled wine.

Enjoy your time partying at 360 Bar, just remember, the only way down is on your skis or board. That's of course the Americanized hyper-safety culture in me speaking.

Something I learned in the French Alps? Safety regulations are nowhere near as stringent as in North America, so go drink all the beverages you want, and worry about the getting back down bit later.

(All the club shots in this Dutchweek trailer are at 360 Bar)


In the heart of Val Thorens village itself, the one bar you need to know of is Malaysia. It looks all quaint, adorable and small from the outside ...

I know you're thinking, I'm sorry, wild party club? In something the size of a small ski shack?

No, no, that's just the entrance. The real party happens below. Walk through the doors, down the winding staircase and it opens up to an absolutely massive underground cave with dance platforms strewn about, bars at every turn, and bartenders blowing fireballs towards the low cave ceiling. The real party happens at Malaysia from 2 - 4 AM when the club music goes on. I've been to cave parties before, this tops them all.


Have you experienced any parties filled with similar madness? Where in the world was it? (I'll add it to my personal bucket list!)