Should I Study Abroad If I'm In A Relationship?

Choosing Study Abroad Over Boyfriend

As you know, I went on exchange to England and had an absolute amazing experience which then instilled in me the know-how to travel extensively, and a love for living abroad.

The truth is, making such a drastic change in your life, and moving for an extended period of time can be a little terrifying. Not many people go on exchange for a reason; it takes a large leap of faith and a great deal of courage to step foot on the plane.

It can be especially tough when those around you may not be all too happy about your choice to go abroad. Parents might be scared, friends might be upset, and boyfriends might be down right unsupportive.

This little old lady, and her story on Humans of New York just spoke to my soul. This lady GOT IT!

When I think about this lady's story, she really only had a few options.

If her and her fiance stayed together forever: Did she not go study in France, and always resent him a little for not letting her go, and encouraging her to chase her dreams?

If they ended up breaking up: Did she not go abroad and then regret the hell out of not going because of some ex-fiance?

Not good options. Seems to be she had a third option, and she ran with it.

Just go.

Buckingham Palace Garden, London, UK

Buckingham Palace Garden, London, UK

I remember distinctly I had met a friend who had a boyfriend while on exchange. I asked her what her boyfriend had said when she mentioned she wanted to go abroad. He had said "If you really want to go, and it's important to you, I support your decision and I'm not worried about you going. I'll come visit."

Now that is the type of boyfriend to stay with. Happy to report they're still together to this day.

Have you had a similar predicament? How did it end? Are you happy with your decision? Leave it in the comments!


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