South Bound

summer 2015

I can't believe it, summer has almost come to an end! (Nooooooo!) 

I feel a little disconnected from you readers; I've been so caught up with everything else happening in my life, I think I've forgotten to update you! So here goes! It's all related, you'll see!

The Paige Studio:

Before this past semester ended, I hatched a bright idea. I LOVE to make updates to my site, but who wants to come to a site that's getting an ever constant face lift? No one, and it gets confusing.

So I decided to put that energy into a more productive and profitable venture. Mid-summer I launched The Paige Studio. Since then I've been happily greeted with design work, and positive feedback. (Awe, you sweeties, thank you for your kind words!) I've been loving getting to design creatively for others, but I'll admit it feels like there's not enough hours in the day! In the coming months with a lot happening, I'll just be taking on a select few design clients. (What's happening? Read on!)

Page by Paige:

I've been trying to push y'all out the door on your own adventure by spreading some useful knowledge regarding applying to grad school abroad, teaching English abroadthe new airline with $200 flights across the Atlantic (yes, it's a real thing), and letting you snoop in my bank account (your favourite thing to do; I know) to learn exactly how much an exchange semester costs


Where the actual heck did it go? Like honestly! I feel like I just got home! 

I headed north to Canada after school (you know, a casual 16something hour drive), spent a total of 6 hours at home, showered, napped, and then headed off to Toronto airport for a flight to visit the boyfriend in Germany and Spain before I had to be back in Canada to work. (The whole trip was as exhausting as reading that massively long sentence). I obviously could have stayed on the beach in Europe forever, but real life called back in Canada. 

At home I spent time with some of my favourite people... oh and Ashley. I guess she's alright too ;).

boots and hearts

We reunited, we festival-ed, we cottaged, we polo-ed, and we floated rivers/got caught in thunderstorms while floating rivers. The making of a perfect summer, right?

summer 2015
Summer 2015
river floating

The Fall

This fall I'll be heading back down to The South for my final year of university. (Oh my, after 6 years, and two degrees later, it will actually be over.)

What will I do with my life? (Throw textbooks out the window, that's what!)

I am ready to take on football game days with gusto, and I am determined to make it to watch sorority bid day! - Video to come of this amazing spectacle. 

Ready or not, I'm leaving again in just a couple weeks, so Page by Paige is coming along as well!

Between classes, I'm most excited to be able to get back to blogging for you more regularly, because you my dears, are the darn best readers (and might I add - the best looking) out there! 


While traveling around for life and school, and meeting people around the world is a blessing, it always results in this terrible constant missing feeling. No matter where you are, you're missing someone. It always makes me think of this...

How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.
— Winnie The Pooh

xx, Paige

What are your plans coming up?! Your turn to give a life update!