Simple Formula: Is Squarespace the clever choice for me?

Is Squarespace right for you and your needs?

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You’re currently umm-ing and ahhh-ing about which website platform to go with. You’ve heard the hype lately surrounding Squarespace, but you’re wondering, is Squarespace the right choice for me?

What is this designer-quality website creator everyone is buzzing about, and why are the users so loyal?

I’ve created a simple formula to determine if Squarespace is the clever choice for your new website.

Answer yes to a question, and keep moving down to the next one. Reach all the way to the bottom of the questions?

Squarespace is for you!


1. If you love a clean design…

  • Yes: You're going to love the artistic, designer-quality templates available from Squarespace.

I would almost argue that it would be difficult, and time consuming to create an unattractive, cluttered website with Squarespace. The templates are very customizable, but they tend to keep their clean, beautiful design throughout.

Here's a perfect example. I told one of my design clients that my website design studio site was created using the Adversary template; a template initially intended for musicians. She was blown away how different the finished site was from the template.

Here's what the template looked like before, and after I had designed it.

2. If you don't want to break the bank...

  • Yes: Squarespace sites are very affordable, and all of the website fees are rolled into one, for simplicity's sake.

Instead of having to pay for a template here, hosting there, and domain name somewhere else, you can do it all through Squarespace. (And it won't require all the technical mumbo-jumbo of linking up all these bits together).

Squarespace sites start at $8/month, and are 50% off for students for the first year. (Yes, I started my site paying only $4 a month!)

(Pssst, not a student yourself, but know have/know someone with an active student email account? Register with that email, and switch it over to your email after you pay. You'll get the 50% off pricing that way.)

I currently use the Personal $8/month plan for both this blog, and my website design studio site. So, it's possible to make a fairly robust site with the lowest price point plan.

The other plans run $18 & $26 a month.

The main difference between the price points? Adding on number of pages, and items in an e-commerce store to an unlimited amount. 

DIY vs Designer:

Something to also take into consideration is, will you go the DIY route to create your site or hire a designer to build it for you?

Going the designer route? Pricing for Squarespace website creation tends to be lower with Squarespace than with other website development systems.

Going the DIY route? Squarespace, in my experience, has a more simple learning curve than others of equal capabilities. (Translation: Squarespace doesn't make me want to bang my head against a wall when trying to design a site.)


3. If you value simplicity...

  • Yes: Squarespace provides both simplicity in design, and editing/updating capabilities. Now I don't want you to get simplicity mixed up with power and ability however. 

I have two Squarespace sites, a blog, and a website design shop, and Squarespace more than provides for what I require.

Now, for some who wants a membership site, paywalls, and forums, I might agree with you that you're reaching towards a ceiling of what Sqaurespace already includes capabilities-wise, without moving into external program integration, or the Squarespace Developer platform; the place you can make every change you can imagine - but will want some coding abilities for.

For the average population of people updating a site themselves; blogger, photographer, restaurant, business owner, retailer, etc., the simplicity is there so you can make edits and update your own site without needing to go through a third party designer constantly for changes.

Need to update your opening hours this weekend, or notice a spelling error? The Squarespace platform is simple enough to understand to make these changes without creating a mess of your site, even if you're not a website designer.


4. If you want to show off stunning photos...

  • Yes: Squarespace is known, and sometimes goaded for being so artistic-friendly. While it's definitely not just artists using Squarespace, the platform was created with photography in mind, and there's a variety of ways to display photos, and incorporate them into the site.

I should mention, you might want a website that shows off stunning photos in the best way possible these days. Pinterest and Instagram are visual platforms, and notice how well they're doing lately?


5. If you want to get your website up yesterday...

  • Yes: Squarespace makes getting your site up quickly a possibility. There's no connecting domain names, or hosting, and waiting for it all to link up. (I had an experience switching a domain name over for a client from a Wix site which took 9 days. Lesson: Just use the all in one system, you'll thank yourself later).

Speaking of all-in-one system, there's no need to spend hours picking out the exact widget for your needs, as the options are sitting right in front of you.

Something I used often when starting with Squarespace was the online chat offered. It connects Squarespace users with the Squarespace team, so you can online chat with someone when you need assistance, and ask questions specifically about your needs and challenges on your site. This speeds things up immensely instead of spending hours completing frustrated Google searches.


Currently sitting on the fence in the Squarespace vs. Wordpress dilemma? I compared both to iPhones & Samsung smart phones to help you wade through which fits you best.

I want to hear from you! Are you deciding between platforms at the moment? Are there any Squarespace questions you have that were not covered above?

This post appeared first on, Paige's website design studio, styled photography shop, and blogging resource destination.