Selfie Stick Secrets

You don't need me to tell you that selfie sticks are sweeping through the world with mass popularity. You've probably already realized that people of all ages are getting on the trend, especially those who travel.

If you stop by any tourist destination these days, walk carefully or you might get a selfie stick in the eye - it can be the equivalent issue to being a foot taller than average height while walking through a street full of umbrellas.

While yes, it might look silly to use one, the photos and videos you can get are really amazing, and you don't have to stop a stranger to help you take your photo.

Now we've determine that selfie sticks the piece of technology of summer 2015, let's talk about which type of stick to buy, and the selfie stick secrets so you have the best shots out there.

Which Selfie Stick To Buy?

There are 3 different types of Selfie Sticks, but there's only one you should care about - and purchase.

The Bluetooth Stick: It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and you take the shot with a button on the handle. Problem is; you need to remember to charge the selfie stick before leaving home, and pairing with Bluetooth can be a hassle when you want your shot right now.

The Remote Control Stick: The remote works well, but they are so small and easy to loose. That little remote is going to fall down behind a couch cushion, or the depths of your purse and be gone forever.

The Headphone Jack Stick: This is the one you want. These types of selfie sticks connect to your phone via a cord to the headphone jack, and you use the button on the stick to trigger the shot. Simple, fast, and nothing to loose.

Selfie Stick Secrets:

1. Don't take photos with the sun behind the selfie stick. It makes for awkward selfie-stick shadows in your photo.

2. For natural non-selfie-stick looking photos, hold the stick behind another persons back. See the difference? In the photo on the right the stick is in my right hand, and you can't tell I'm holding it!

3. Ever take a video of something exciting, only to watch it later and realize it looks like there's been an earthquake because your phone wasn't held perfectly stable?

Selfie sticks help take videos without all the shaky-ness, so next time you go to take a video, use the selfie stick.

You can even turn your phone around in the holder and take a video non-selfie style, and it will still likely be more stable than if you held it in your hand. Using two hands to hold the stick also helps.

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Selfie Stick Secret - Take Amazing Selfie Stick Photos