One Way Ticket Purchased :: Next Stop ...

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With exactly 9 days until I pick up one very prestigious and pricey piece of paper while wearing an ever-so-fetching (yes, I will try to make it happen Regina) table cloth looking item (ie. graduation gown), I've been planning for my post-grad life.

Back in January I purchased a one way ticket to Germany.

Just saying that makes me excited! Think of how many people in the world make that leap, and actually book a one-way? This gal did it!

With the Canadian dollar falling below what it did during the 2008 recession, and with many experts predicting it to fall even lower in the coming years before stabilizing and regaining it's strength, the idea of working in Canada after graduation wasn't very appealing.

Work for 70 cents to the USD? So much for a travel blog! There would be extremely limited travel opportunities with a currency so low ... and an extremely beneficial currency exchange rate if I were to work abroad.

The lightbulbs began to turn on.

So, why Germany? Well there's a chance the German boyfriend may have influenced my decision ever so slightly. A good portion of our relationship has been spent on different continents, so I'm greatly looking forward to never using Skype again and being able to see each other normally like the majority of others get to. (Y'all count your blessings).

With my decision made, I made a visit to the German embassy in Toronto and applied for a work & travel visa. Which of course is why I wrote Work & Travel For Canadians, and A Quick Guide To The Working Holiday Visa, having just gone through it myself!

I'm happy to report the application process was super simple and painless. I compiled the visa application items in one day and visited the embassy for an interview the next. (When I say interview, I mean 2 minutes of a man quickly glancing at my paperwork and saying, "It'll be ready in 2 weeks").

As an aside, if you're considering a work and travel visa and are within the age range to get one, believe me, the only thing between you and a life abroad is your own mindset. The process to make it happen is quite simple.

The whole decision, actually booking the flight, purchasing travel insurance and getting things into motion was a very quick process. I only had a few days left in Canada to make it happen if moving once finishing school is what I really wanted. And make it happen I did. My visa is waiting for me to pick it up as soon as I get back to Toronto.

To aid in my excitement for moving countries, I received the perfect gift for my birthday this year from the boyfriend. I could not have been more ecstatic.

It sat all wrapped up in my living room taunting me for days before I was allowed to open it and find out if it was indeed what I thought it might be. (It was).

My birthday card said 'I got you something every pretty girl who lives in Germany should have.'

A dirndl. (That is, a traditional German dress).

german dirndl gift
German woman dirndl

It has absolutely increased my excitement for moving! ... And Oktoberfest.

So, what exactly will I do in Germany you ask? Well, seeing that my life has been fantastically dull in Mississippi while completing work for my master's this past semester, I plan to spend a good portion of the summer acclimating to German culture ... aka, enjoying German beer gardens.

Along with that, I'll be taking up language classes and attempting to piece together German sentences. (Wish me luck). And of course, I'll be doing what I love most, the greatest job I ever created for myself that is! I'll be creating Squarespace websites for my wonderful clients with my website design shop, The Paige Studio.

The beauty of The Paige Studio is it quite literally moves around with me. The studio is not necessarily one physical space but instead myself and my laptop, wherever it is we are.

I'm currently booking projects for mid-June and onwards, so if you look at your current blog/website and cringe, let's chat friend! I can't wait to create for you a slice of the internet you love to visit!

In the coming weeks be sure to follow on Instagram and Snapchat (apagebypaige). On those accounts I'll be bringing you with me to graduation day, my road trip back north, a week and a half catching up with all my family and friends in Canada and then my flight across the pond.

I look forward to bringing y'all along for my next adventure, this time as a European instead of a Southerner.

Before I go, I'll be wrapping up my time in the South with posts on life as a southerner, and of course, details on must visit & see places while in the beautiful college town of Oxford, MS. 

Yes, after 2 years here, I finally tell you where I went to school. I've been at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) for the past 2 years.

A girl has to keep some anonymity right?

Where my fellow graduates at? What are your post-grad plans? Are you toying with the idea of moving abroad and trying out expat life for a little too?