Office Tour: Tips For Focusing

Ahhhh, you want to see where the magic happens, eh?

No, no, not like on Cribs with celebrity bedrooms. For bloggers, when I say where the magic happens, I of course mean the office from which I do my Page by Paige writing! Oh and of course, my The Paige Studio website design too.

As you know, I've just moved down to my southern school year home, (6th year of university people, 6th! So close to school freedom, I can smell the fancy wooden degree frame!)

If you like some of the snoop-into-my-life type posts, you'll be happy to know Office Depot sent me off into their store to do a little shopping to liven up my desk space, and then share it with y'all!

I also have for you my Top 5 Tips For Focusing in your work space, so... you know, you'll actually use your pretty office space.

Let me show you around, shall I?

To give you a little context of the area, I'll walk you through my town a little. I never actually say exactly where I live on the blog (you know, internet privacy - probably important, right?), though if you know the area, or are a religious Page by Paige follower, you could likely figure it out. (And congratulations to you on solving the mystery!)

Around my Southern school year home, it looks a little something like this.

Pretty, and classically American right? There could definitely be worse places to live.

And inside my work space, I seem to have developed a pretty, and classically gold and pink theme. Slightly accidental, but adorable.

So now, let's make some use of this office space!

Top 5 Tips To Focus In Your Office

These help across the board - blog writing, website design, school work, intense Pinterest sessions, etc.

1. Make a space you enjoy working in!

This is where Office Depot and OfficeMax comes in, they have adorable items, at prices even us college students love. Just a few office accessories; giant note pads, gold dot binders, funny giant paper clips, etc. may just be the difference between you enjoying, or hating spending time at your desk.

So make the thing pretty already!

2. Put making a To Do list - on your To Do list

I don't know where I'd be without those lists. There's apps for making your To Do lists, but if you want to go classic, get a pad of note paper, (and not the teeny tiny ones either), you'll want lots of space for the 40 thousand things happening in your life. 

I'm love-love-lovin' my giant notepad ($8)! Likely one of my favourite Office Depot and OfficeMax purchases, from the See Jane Work collection.

3. Lots of light!

Place your work space in front of a window, and/or invest in a lamp. Nothing says falling asleep on your laptop like a dimly lit desk... And sleeping on a laptop unfortunately doesn't count as focusing.

4. Self Control App

When I learned of the self control app, I told everyone I knew about it. The simple explanation is, it blocks you from accessing webpages that you find distracting. My list generally includes Facebook, Pinterest, and Bloglovin. You pop in the websites you want to block yourself from, and set the amount of time you want to be blocked for.

My essays for school were suddenly completed a lot more quickly after learning about it.

5. Write down your dates

Planner, online calendar, giant monthly calendar; whatever works for you. Just write down all your due dates somewhere. It's a lot easier to focus once you have a big picture of everything you have coming up. And it helps to light a fire under your butt when there's many deadlines coming up in a row.

To quote Gilmore Girls "Deadlines - emphasis on dead."

Thank you to Office Depot Inc. and Her Campus Media for partnering on this post!