Mont Tremblant Village Bar Guide

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So you're headed to Mont Tremblant?! Wahoo! You're going to LOVE the amazing hills, picture perfect village, and French charm!

What are the best bars to hit in Tremblant village?

I've compiled some favourites over a few trips to the beautiful ski destination, plus am letting you in on some helpful tips for your night out in the village! Cheers!

Mont Tremblant Town or Mont Tremblant Village?

Mont Tremblant (the town) is about a 20 minute drive to Mont Tremblant Village, the area at the base of the ski hill. Today I'm telling you all about the best bars in Tremblant Village, at the base of the ski hill, so you can easily ski or pop on in to your new post-ski hangout.


The village is large enough to have everything you'll need in it, while still managing to be small enough to have everything within walking distance. It's also perfectly sized to bar hop from one to the next in no time, no cabs or long treks necessary.

Best Bars In Mont Tremblant, Quebec


Tremblant is known for charging insane prices at restaurants and bars (beers can easily be $10). As well, everything in Tremblant is charged with the normal Canadian taxes, plus a Tremblant-specific tax. If you plan to have a proper party night, I highly recommend a pre drink before hand. You can buy booze in the village at Magasin Général (a convenience shop with groceries, beers, wine and toiletries) and the SAQ (Quebec's primary liquor sales shop). 

What To Wear

In Tremblant there's many people wearing jeans, and their winter boots in the bar. At bars with younger crowds, it's more common to find girls wearing bar dresses, regardless of the weather outside. And of course, as a ski destination, it's not uncommon to find people dressed silly in onesies, wild costumes, or 80's ski suits in the bar. 

Drinking Age

The drinking age in the province of Quebec is 18. 


Ultimate Bar Guide :: Mont Tremblant

1. Le Lounge

The Lounge has two levels, and attracts two crowds. Downstairs is a more mature crowd, engaged in conversation and socializing with other bar-goers, while the upstairs is complete with a beer pong table, and the younger crowd tends to get wild up there. (FYI: The stairs are a little hidden. Behind the downstairs bar, and behind a glass door, right near the entrance, you'll find the stairs). Throughout there's chill club music, and lots of comfy lounge chairs (naturally) spotted around. The Lounge offers two bars, and a beer will run you about $9.

Le Lounge - Best Bars In Mont Tremblant, Quebec

2. La Diable Microbrasserie

La Diable is perfect if you're looking to sit down with friends, enjoy some local beers, and be surrounded by a crowd thats been of legal age for a while. Many beers are brewed in house, and you can get a tasting of all of them if you request it, with a little shot of each poured, so you can determine which suits you best. The service was wonderful while we were there, with extremely friendly bar tenders. Prices, like always in Tremblant, are above average. A small pitcher cost $25, plus tip. 

La Diable Microbrasserie - Best Bars In Mont Tremblant, Quebec

3. Le P'tit Caribou

During my university Snowjam ski trip, we spent almost every night in Caribou. It's the bar to go to if you're looking for a fun night and a younger crowd. It's quite a bit larger than many of the other bars and clubs in the village, and allows for bar-top dancing, in fact, they have a railing attached to the ceiling to assist with it. 

Le P'tit Caribou - Best Bars In Mont Tremblant, Quebec

4. Cafe d'Epoque

Don't let the word Cafe in the name fool you, Cafe d'Epoque is a nightclub. There's lots of lights, smoke, glow sticks, cages for dancing and a railing above the bar as well, like Le P'tit Caribou. This club is perfect for you newly legal folks. Coat check is $10, and cover is charged as well. To bypass cover charge, get on the Guest List (free) on their website.

Cafe d'Epoque - Best Bars In Mont Tremblant, Quebec

5. La Forge Bistro-Bar & Grill

La Forge is an upper scale restaurant and bar. It's situated directly in front of the ski hill, with large windows looking out onto the action, as well as a wrap around patio and balcony. La Forge is worth stopping by to grab some après-ski drinks after your day on the hill. 

La Forge Bisro-Bar & Grill - Best Bars In Mont Tremblant, Quebec

Tremblant is one of my favourite ski destinations in Canada! Which are your favourite ski resorts? Where do I need to add to my ski bucket list?!

Mont Tremblant Ski Village  Bar Guide