Mont Tremblant, Quebec Travel Guide

Guide To Visiting Mont Tremblant, Quebec

Need To Know

Mont Tremblant is located in the mountains, just 30 minutes north of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Mont Tremblant is most famous for it's award winning ski resort, though the location is stunning all year round, and is also popular with the outdoorsey type, as well as the skiers. Given that Mont Tremblant is situated in the French province of Quebec, French is the native language for those who live in the area, however in the ski resort town all service industry workers will speak both French and English.

Your Travel Guide: Mont Tremblant, Quebec


Once you've arrived in the ski village, a car, or public transportation is not necessary as everything is within walking distance. You can cross from one side of the ski village to the other in under 10 minutes. 

There is parking available at the base of the mountain if you are staying outside of the village, and driving in for the day. Though if you'd like to go out for drinks, on busy weekends I hear getting taxis in the evening is quite difficult, and the convenience of being in the heart of the ski village really cannot be passed up! If at all possible, book accommodation in the resort village (more on accommodation in a moment!)

If you're visiting Montreal, or flying into Montreal airport and want to visit Tremblant there are busses that run daily

Guide To Visiting Mont Tremblant, Quebec

Typical Costs

Mont Tremblant is well known for being one of the pricier ski resorts to visit. Granted, the ski hill is truly wonderful, so the relatively high prices don't seem to keep people away!

Food: A meal including an app, entree and drink in the village will run about $25-40. At the mountain summit chalet a lunch will run about $20. There is a grocery store in the village to stock up on items if you plan to cook for yourself, though the in-village grocery store tends to have higher prices than your average. If you're looking to really save on food, stop at a grocery store on your way to Tremblant, somewhere between Montreal and Tremblant village.

Activities: An adult lift ticket for a full day is $84. If you know the dates you're planning to ski in advance, book your life tickets online at for 25%-40% off our ticket.

Transportation: As mentioned previously, you won't need a car once in the village. If you need to park in the village for the day there is free parking, or VIP paid parking. Most hotels also include parking in the price of your stay.

Saving In Tremblant: While yes, Tremblant is pricey, there are ways to enjoy a fabulous vacation there without blowing your budget. The boyfriend and I spent a week in Tremblant for we estimate $600 each, and our tips to save are throughout the post.

Also, the Canadian dollar has taken one heck of a tumble in the past year, and is predicted to continue falling in the coming year. So if you're from outside of the country, now is the time to hop on this otherwise expensive vacation opportunity. 

Guide To Visiting Mont Tremblant, Quebec

What To Do

Besides the obvious, skiing/boarding, my personal recommendation is to take a dogsled trip! Dog sledding is one of the most unique and exciting activities you can partake in, and the beautiful nature in the surrounding area is wonderful to behold as you whip by on your sled. It's not cheap ($150/adult for a day) but it is something you must try once in your life! 

Snowmobiling, also typically Canadian, gives you control as you ride over frozen lakes, and through dense snow-ladened forests. Tremblant offers guided snowmobiling tours which is perfect for first time snowmobilers, or anyone who is unfamiliar with the area. 

More of the relaxed, not-so-active type? Might I suggest ice fishing at Tremblant? Ice fishing in Canada generally involves two things, drinking, and hanging out in a hut all day. Why not give it a try, you might just like it!

Lastly, if you're brave enough, a day on the Tremblant Zipline and high ropes course provides lots of fun for a day, and is also one of the cheaper activity options.

Where To Eat

Eats Under $15: First, stop by Creperie Catherine for a wide variety of crepe options, sweet, breakfast, savoury; Creperie Catherine has them all for between $5-13. It's also imperative while in Canada to try a beavertail (pssst - it's not really a beavers tail). You can find Beavertails at the aptly named, Beavertail Pastry in the main strip of the village, and they cost between $4-9. Of course, the food Canadians are most known for is our poutine (the fries covered in gravy and cheese curds). Stop by Smokes Poutine in the village, towards the bottom of the village hill, near the base of the gondola. A poutine at Smokes will be the best $5-13 you've ever spent. 

Fine Dining: If you're looking to experience the best dining Tremblant has to offer, visit Le Cheval de Jade; currently rated the #1 restaurant in Tremblant on Trip Advisor. Le Cheval de Jade specializes in French cuisine, and seafood. If you head out of the resort village, and stop by the little town of Tremblant, you should stop in at Mille Pates which has a wide range of unique and scrumptious pasta dishes!

Evening Drinks: I give you a complete Tremblant bar guide, and tell you my 5 favourite bars and lounges in Tremblant to get drinks in this post!

Guide To Visiting Mont Tremblant, Quebec

Where To Stay:

When it comes to Tremblant, location is everything! It will make a significant difference to your vacation to be steps away from the heart of the action, and chair lifts.

Budget Option: There are many AirBnB's in Tremblant, and you're just about guaranteed to get a better price with them, than with a hotel. Not to mention some are in a fantastic location, and come with a kitchen to help you avoid eating out, and keeping costs low. I love this one!

Pssst - for $20 off your first AirBnB stay, follow this link! 

Mid-Range: The Marriott Residence Inn is in a wonderful location, just behind the ski hill and directly in the middle of the village. The gondola also rides directly over the hotel, and ski in/out access is possible. 

Luxury: The Sommet des Neiges is in the exact location you want to be, directly in front of the gondola; there's no hotel closer!

Want to join along, and see Tremblant for yourself? Ah perfect, just so happens I put together a video of my trip!

Of course, if you have a question I didn't answer, leave it in the comments! Tell me, where is the next destination, ski related or not, you're dying to get to?!