Low-Cost Flights Across The Atlantic, At Last!

Low-Cost Trans Atlantic Flights

As a Canadian, I often hear my European friends mentioning hopping from city to city within Europe for a price tag of next to nothing. *Cue intense jealously.

Budget, or low-cost air carriers are however expanding from Europe, and there's one in participial I believe every person who might make a Euro-trip in the near or distant future needs to know about.

When I found the prices on this website, my jaw nearly hit the floor.

Budget Airline from North American to Europe

Flights across the Atlantic (that giant ocean which keeps myself from friends, crème brûlée, and European shopping), with WOW Air for prices sitting around $200 when booking a few months out, or $335 just over a month away.

Looking at the pricing now at the end of July, you can find a flight from Boston to Berlin during prime flight time around Christmas (Dec. 23rd) for $382.99.

Budget flights across the Atlantic

No, no, you don't need to get your prescription checked, you read that correctly.

"But Paige, what's the catch?"

Well, let me begin by saying I've never used the airline myself ... yet, so I don't have a personal experience to tell you of. But honestly, a flight attendant could drop 4 drinks in my lap during the flight, and I still think I'd leave pleasantly happy with my experience for that price.

Of course, like most budget carriers, bags come at an additional cost. You'll be looking at about $67.00 USD for a regular sized checked bag (44lbs). If the window seat in row 14 is your thing, a specific seat comes for a fee of $5-$19 per leg of your trip.

Keep in mind, WOW Air is a newer airline, and is still growing in its routes, and airports.

From the U.S.A. the airports available are currently Washington D.C./Baltimore, and Boston. I live near neither, but can easily use some North American low-cost carriers to get to each for around $100. (You'll find Skyscanner.com is amazing for price searching).

In Europe take your pick of (I'll name drop a few popular destinations) Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin, London, Milan, Paris, Rome, Salzburg, and Warsaw, among others.

And there you have it, your Europe trip just came a lot closer within reach!

Visit Wowair.us to do some price shopping of your own!

If you've had an experience with WOW Air, and want to help inform the rest of us, please leave it in the comments!