Life Abroad: The Connection

So now you've met all the wonderful ladies who told us about their study abroad experiences, but what I didn't tell you is how they're all connected!

When you travel you open yourself up to meeting some amazing, new, like-minded friends, who also come in handy for favours in the future. These girls all were happy to be interviewed and help me with spreading the world about how accessible studying abroad can be!

If you missed reading one of their posts, they're all linked, so you can enjoy browsing through all their photos and experiences!

Kristen In Thailand

Study Abroad in Thailand

Kristen and I are both from Ontario, however our hometowns aren't necessarily very close. Kristen and I met while we were in the same sorority together in undergrad!

This trip is something I could have never imagined myself doing a year ago and I am so happy to have had this opportunity.

Mellie In France

Study Abroad in France

Mellie (on the left) was actually at her home school, while I was abroad in the south, and we met through a bunch of other international students. She had just come back from France, and is currently hatching some plans to get back there soon!

"Most days after school when the weather was nice, we'd pick up a few bottles of wine and head to our favorite park. We'd sit there for hours, laying in the grass, chatting, listening to music. It was perfect."

Beverly In Wales

Similar to Kristen, Beverly and I live not-close-at-all in Ontario, but went to the same school and were in the same sorority in undergrad. She headed off to Wales, in the U.K. and then took on my old sorority position... She's basically following my life. (Kidding Bev!)

"It’s truly an experience that money cannot buy, and something you’ll only regret that you did not do."

Sophie in MS, USA

This English rose from Essex went on exchange to the southern states during her undergrad, while I was on exchange in England. She then headed back to the southern states for grad school where we met and became the happily-ever-after-roommates! See ya again in the fall Soph!

"Traveling is one of the best experiences and I think it really does change who you are for the better. Moving abroad forced me to become way more confident and independent. "

Paige In England

Study Abroad in England

Yep, that's me! I spoke about my time abroad too! I'm actually giving you a snoop into my bank account, and how the finances worked out for me to fund my time abroad.

"Stop making excuses, move mountains and go."


Have you lived or studied abroad? Where were did you end up?!