Kimonos & Cover Ups

Summer Trend 2015: Kimonos & Cover Ups

Kimono's were just becoming a 'thing' last summer, and I predict they'll be out in full force this summer.

If you didn't get your hands on one last summer, now is the time.

Similarly to how they look effortless as you wear one, they can effortlessly spice up an outfit. Suddenly jean shorts and a plain tank becomes a coveted look when you drape a kimono on top!

There's a few ways to go with the kimono trend, crochet & tassels, transparent & lace or silky. The last option? Full on Coachella, with a lengthy California-cool kimono. The choice is yours!

And what do you get when you sew a kimono up the middle? A beach cover up! I'm also putting a beach cover up on my summer essentials list... Partially because I'm of pale British descent, and partially cause they're adorable.

What are your thoughts on the kimono trend?! Is it a must-have, or are you passing for now?