How To Make An Editorial Calendar

Must Read: How To Make An Editorial Calendar For Your Blog

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I'm very excited to write about blogging, and everything that goes along with it (eg. website design, social media, and business) for the first time!

With the launch of my website design shop, The Paige Studio, and an interest in sharing the knowledge that I've gained over time with others, I'm going to add posts about blogging to Page by Paige & The Paige Studio as resources for others.

Let's not waste time though; we have serious business to attend to! Let's chat about Editorial Calendars!

When do you need to make an Editorial Calendar?

What takes a blogger from a casual blogger to a serious blogger with ambition and goals? I would say that when you're ready to get serious about blogging, you're ready to make an editorial calendar.

A characteristic of a casual blogger is that they start off by sitting down at their computer, typing up whatever comes to mind first, and publishes right away. (Guilty? Yeah, don't worry, many beginner bloggers did it too).

How To Make An Editorial Calendar For Your Blog

Posting Tips To Consider

Have multiple topics and categories you write on?

It's good practice to vary your content between your categories throughout the month.

Instead of doing 4 style posts in a row, then 3 life post, and then 4 beauty posts; try alternating between the categories through the weeks/months instead of writing in chunks about the same topic.

Looking for more readers?

(What blogger isn't?)

Post on consistent days of the week.

Set an amount of posts a week that is realistic for you. While in school I attempted 3 posts a week. No matter how hard I tried to get all my life, work, and homework obligations under control along with the blog, I just could not make it happen. I would then get all upset I missed the deadlines I had set for myself, and wouldn't write for a week. I was heart set on 3 posts a week, but decided a quality 2, on set days would be better.

With consistent posting, comes consistent readers.

When choosing your dates, keep in mind readership tends to be lower around weekends (and holidays; though those are harder to avoid).


How To Make Your Editorial Calendar

Here's a peek at how I make mine. I'm sure there's many other systems out there, so leave it in the comments if you have another idea that works splendidly for you!

To make an editorial calendar, you'll need:

  • A monthly calendar (either a month view within a planner, or a separate monthly calendar)
  • Sticky notes


  1. Write out each blog post idea for the month on individual notes & add in what category/topic the post goes in on the bottom of the note.
  2. Begin placing notes on your chosen days of the week for posting.
  3. Have a few extra post ideas that will be fairly simple to write up, and leave them around the sides of the calendar. Need a quick switch because of a posting, photo, or interview issue? Pop in one of the post ideas from the sides.
  4. Evaluate how well spaced out posts are per category throughout the month once they're all laid out. Too many travel posts in a row? Pick up a travel related post sticky note, and switch it with a post from another category.
  5. I constantly have blog post ideas coming to me, so they're written in a note on my phone. Towards the end of every month, I write them all onto sticky notes, and place them where they fit best in the coming month. It doesn't take long, and it's meant leaps and bounds for my blog!
How To Make An Editorial Calendar For Your Blog

The system works very well for those who like a tidy planner/calendar, (ie. me).

Using sticky notes means you can move posts around without creating a confusing mess of cross outs and arrows on your page.

The system also helps with holidays. There was hyped up children and decorations everywhere, but somehow you still forgot Christmas was coming up? That won't be an issue anymore, as thankfully all calendars have those important dates and holidays written in, so now you will remember to write a gift guide a couple weeks before the 25th of December.

There you have it! That's how to make an editorial calendar - the simple, clean, and organized way! (My 3 favourite things).

Have a different strategy? I'd love to hear it! Leave it in the comments!

This post appeared first on, Paige's website design studio, styled photography shop, and blogging resource destination.