Graduation 2.0 :: Master's Edition


Saturday May 14th was a very exciting day in my life. It was the day that I finally finished school.

Or at least the mandatory 'you need to get an education' type school. Now I am free to take classes in things I am really passionate about at that point in time.

Blogging school? Sign me up. Graphic design school? Yes! Language school? Oui! Dance lessons? Absolutely!

It really is wild to think, every September, all my life, what I'd be doing has been set. I'd be heading back to school. While I loved university, and after undergrad I was still all gung-ho to go for more, I can say with confidence, I am so darn happy to be finished.

First day of school. Last day of school.

First day of school. Last day of school.

Grad school is another kind of beast, and I'm feeling rather accomplished as well as relieved it's over. I really am so, so thankful though that I had the opportunity to earn my Master's on a full ride, at a big name and beautiful university. There are few people in this world that have the opportunity to make this sort of thing happen, and I'm thankful to have had that privilege. 

Leading up to graduation, I've been asked more times than I can count now the following three questions.

  1. "So, how about a PhD?"
  2. "What do you plan to do after graduation?"
  3. "Will you try to stay in the USA after graduation?"

Well, my A's to those Q's are ::

  1. A polite, "No thank you."
  2. I plan to spend a summer learning a language, and getting acquainted with European culture ... / beer gardens all summer long. (I feel this is well deserved).
  3. The answer to this question quite literally deserves it's own post, and so I will do just that. Be sure to keep an eye on the blog in the coming weeks for it.

Finishing my degree came on a picture perfect sunny day, and Ole Miss had the entire day planned exquisitely.

The famous Grove, the large green space that is used to host the party every football game, was transformed with perfectly straight lines of white chairs to be the space for the commencement address.

If you follow me on Snapchat (@apagebypaige) you would have come with me to pick up my cap and gown and wander through the rows and rows of white chairs. Here's a peek if you're not already following.

For graduation I was lucky to have three members of the fam come down to watch this gal glide across stage, and then accompany me on the 16 hour road trip home. 

I could not have asked for a more enjoyable group to spend my last days in Mississippi with. Both my family and my roommate's family headed the Square after graduation for a perfect last evening of dancing and drinks in Oxford.

Life in Mississippi and getting my Master's was absolutely not anything similar to what I expected. If you are hoping for the true details instead of just the photos, keep an eye on the blog in the coming weeks. I'm diving into what I feel needs to be said after spending a couple years in the South.

To all my fellow 2016 graduates, congratulations friends! We're doneeeeee!