Cheers To 1 Year!

It was this very time last year I had one of those moments. The type of moment where a bright idea strikes, and you think "yeah, that's it! That's what I'll do!" It's followed by planning, excitement, more planning, and then more excitement.

I had read blogs for a while. When I first came across blogs I remember thinking, 'well these websites are terribly difficult to navigate', and 'why would someone write an online diary? Who cares?'

After a while I realized that these bloggers were providing amazing content to readers; help with fashion, travel, love, life, etc. They're pretty much free online magazines. Think about it, '15 Spring Trends for 2015', and 'The Best Secret Beaches To Surf,' pretty sure you'll find that in Elle and Conde Nast Traveler, but for $5 per issue.

As with anything I do, I went all in. It was exam time last year as I was finishing up my undergraduate degree, but I honestly was putting more thought into my new blog, than I was my papers.

I came up with a name I thought was genuinely adorable, Page by Paige. Now I've learned that fighting with a book, also called Page by Paige, for the top spot in Google search results isn't an easy battle... whoops. I'll beat that book one day, I'm determined!

The 1st Blog Year

When I started Page by Paige this time last year I finished up my undergrad and took off for my hometown.

Thank god for the blog, because while my hometown is adorable, it can also get extremely boring, especially when you've outgrown most of your high school friends. So instead I documented my summer with the sorority sisters on Page by Paige as we took off on weekend adventures.

We sailed in the Toronto harbour, took off to Ontario's famous cottage spot - Muskoka, attended polo... twice-ish, attempted to be country folk, and I told y'all about my favourite post-bar feast to make.

Page by Paige blog 1 year

Then I spilled the beans on the secret I had been holding for some time. I got accepted to grad school in the South and managed to wrangle a position which afforded me a full ride, (and told you how to do it too). I honestly kept that from the blog for some time because it almost felt too good to be true, so much so that I was afraid it wouldn't happen somehow.

Page by Paige Blog

Thankfully it did, and I began getting used to southern life... and style.

Just around 6 months I published my most popular post (5,000 page views in a day - big deal for a new blogger!), and it seems all the sorority/university posts have taken off since. There was 84 Sorority Paddles For Inspiration, How To Not Be The Worst Sorority Position Holder Ever, and the ever popular guides to dressing in the South - both summer & winter. I actually dressed up as a southerner in the winter post ... going to have to bury those photos once I finish school.

I ticked a city off my travel list that had been on it for some time. I visited Chicago, and loved the adorable, and festive Christkindlmarket!

In my personal life I met the boyfriend, and then set off to see him when he moved away to Germany. Good excuse for a vacation right? Germans are famous for their amazing food, and we restaurant hopped all week. It made for a really wonderful guide to eating in the region, if you're ever in the neighbourhood, or just like to oggle food posts.

Full Steam Ahead!

As the first year of blogging rounded out, I came to a few realizations. In order for a blog to be long-lasting and successful (which is of course what every girl wants for her little blog-baby right?), it has to bring value to people's lives ("what a light bulb moment there, eh Paige?"). Secondly, what I really love to write about is travel!

I obviously have been bitten by the travel bug and find any way to make travel happen. As I was sitting in a coffee shop a few weeks ago attempting to do my homework, there two girls were just going at it, chatting up a storm about the debate to travel or not, and to go on exchange or not, and 45 other things. (They were distracting to say the least). The excuses for not going to travel were honestly so minimal, that I wanted to hop in the conversation and say "Okay, really now ladies." But I resisted.

Instead I started a series called Life Abroad. I've been collecting the experiences of ladies, just like you, who have jumped into the unknown and started living abroad. They all talk about their tips to getting up and going, and I hope it helps you to start living your abroad dream!

So going forward, you'll see lots more travel posts around here!

Travels aren't the only thing I have planned coming up though. There's another big something I've been working on quite a bit lately, but that I haven't officially announced yet. You'll have to keep checking back in the next few weeks for the scoop. It's going to be especially of interest to other people making a presence online.

The Most-est

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Thank YOU Dear Reader!

As for thankyous, I'd like to thank my loving family, and Nescafe Coffee in Hazlenut flavour. 

I want to thank YOU readers! Yeah you, you sexy thing reading this from your phone/laptop. You my friend are gonna age like a fine wine, and I'm glad you make me a part of your life.

Your comments make my day a little brighter, your love by means of reading is amazing, and something I wouldn't have expected in such large numbers! I love to interact with you, and so so so much appreciate your support of Page by Paige!

If you want to spread the Page by Paige love I encourage you to follow along on my social media channels (especially the Instagram - that's my favourite one to chat on!), and share a post any time you think "Damn Paige, that was a good one - you really outdid yourself." I'll say in advance, "Oh why thank you, you're too sweet!"

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Tell me, what was YOUR favourite post this year?!