4 Best First-Time Traveler Friendly Trips

These types of trips are perfect for first timers who aren't quite confident enough to get out there completely on their own to see the world.

1. All Inclusive Vacation

All Inclusive Vacations make it almost impossible to make some major travel error, or run into issues, because everything is taken care of; everything. You can book them online, or to make it even easier for yourself and go to a local travel agent to have them book it for you. Now just check the weather, and pack. If you forget to pack something, there will be a little necessity shop on the resort where you can pick items up.

Once you land in your destination, there's a bus to take you from the airport directly to the resort. You'll also have a staff member take your bags to your room, and point you in the right direction to the closest bar. Meals are available all day, mostly buffet style, and your plates are even cleared away for you. You hardest decisions all week will be, do I order another free Mohijto or a free Sex On The Beach, and should I lay beside the pool or the ocean?

All Inclusive Vacations are the definition of stress free.

2. Close To Home

You'll always have the comfort of knowing you're not far away from home if something goes terribly wrong, or you're really not enjoying yourself. Also, you're likely to know a fair bit about the area if it's always been close by, or be able to ask trusted friends and family for suggestions.

Close To Home trips also tend to be fairly inexpensive, compared to other forms of travel. This means they don't require a huge amount of time spent saving, and you should be able to estimate costs pretty accurately, without a large margin of error.

3. Road Trip

On a road trip you're in control of your transportation, unlike a plane, which makes many nervous. You're also able to plan a route to visit friends and family, and enjoy a little bit of the familiarity of home by doing so.

Whatever your country, there's a road trip to be had within in. You then cut out the need for a passport, figuring out how to get by in another language, and being utterly confused about cultural differences.

4. Tour Operator Organized

This is a perfect way to go somewhere farther from home, with the security of not going completely DIY. Major tour operators such as Contiki, Topdeck, and Intrepid, have pre-planned itineraries, and guides to take you each step of the way in your destination. Hotels, attraction tickets and dinner reservations are all made for you. Your experienced trip guide will also help you through the public transportation within the city, and ensure your tour bus arrives on time. 

It's basically the convenience of an all-inclusive vacation, without staying put in one spot for the duration of the trip. One word of advice though, DO NOT book one of those tours which will take you through Europe in a week or two. Europe cannot be seen in a week or two, so dear God, don't attempt it!... Pet peeve, as you can tell.


Now, to get planning. Just how much money will you need? It's all broken down here in Creating Budget-Friendly Trips.

Did you join in on one of these first time traveler friendly trips or take a more drastic plunge into travel? See you around the comments!

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