Beer Garden & Royal Garden

In need of a lively next trip? Hannover, Germany has lots to offer. The city has a great deal of British influence, and is a more under-the-radar German city than Berlin, or Munich; as the boyfriend is always telling me (he's a real sales-man for his city).

On one of my last days visiting, the boyfriend showed me around from beer garden to royal garden; join us for the day!

Beer garden hopping and royal garden walking are two fantastic things to do while in the city. And of course, if you get hungry, you'll want to stop by here for a bevy of beautiful dishes.

See Biergarten

'See' means 'lake' in German. 'Biergaten' means 'Beer Garden'. (As you likely assumed. Look, you can read German - you're so talented!)

The beer garden sits behind the beautiful, old city hall, and in front of a small lake.

Hannover, Germany Beer Garden

There's paddle boats to rent, rowers and sail boats racing up and down the straight lake, and a little yacht club on the shore. You can view this all from the large See Biergarten! Or you can make your own beer garden on the lake - they sell beer in the same little kiosk that rents the boats.

There were two other fantastic beer gardens we didn't make that day - but I'll tell you about them anyways, just in case you need a couple Hannover-local approved recommendations.

Biergarten Lindener Turm is a beer garden built around an old medieval watchtower constructed in 1392. It has a great view of the foothills of the city.

Biergarten Lister Turm is located at the edge of a big city park, and is next to the former music college which is a very pretty building. It kind of feels like you're sitting right in the middle of a forest, even though you're right in the city.

Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen

The previous royal family built a little get-away just outside the city. This straight pathway of green leads you directly from the city center to the palace and royal gardens.

The gardens are expansive and beautiful. Perfect to spend the afternoon getting lost in.

Pssst, bring a picnic, you'll work up an appetite walking through it all, and its a beautiful location to enjoy a German pretzel.

Life Update: I'm back from Europe and home in Canada for the summer! What does summer mean? A hell of a lot less work than during the school year, whew!

I'm excited to have posts coming back a few times a week for you throughout the summer, so keep an eye out on the blog.

Thanks for always being the most wonderful, dedicated readers you beautiful bunch!