How to get over your fear and book the flight

How To Start Traveling

This is a drastic measure, but none the less, necessary for some out there. I would prescribe the travel drug addition method if you're the kind of person who is (knowingly, or unknowingly) paralyzed by fear of actually booking your trip and stepping foot on the plane.

You're overly practical, safe, and realistic self just cannot make the first move.

You ask your frequently traveled friends "how do you do it" "tell me how I can travel too" "I really want to take a trip to X, I'll go in 2018."

In 2018?! Are you joking me? NO. YOU'RE NEVER GOING! Again, you are NEVER going! Not with that mindset at least.

You my friend, need to develop a travel addiction, and follow 3 simple steps. While this is a drastic measure, and not necessary for everyone, if the above sounds like you, you need this. Badly. 

How To become a {remove drug name, insert 'travel'} addict

If travel is really what you're after, you've been dreaming it, eyeing it, jealously scrolling through blissful travel photos on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, you must do one thing before all else. 

Change your mindset. Make travel a priority. Don't just make it a priority, make it a drug. Think of it like this. Does a coke addict buy new shoes, or more coke? Do they fill up the tank fully, or just part way, and then buy more coke? Are they saving up for a house for years? No, they're saving up this week for a nice big bag of coke.

I want you to think of travel as your drug, your coke, if you will. Why? Because this way all else becomes compared to your coke/travels.

Is the second pair of sandals really worth it? Or would you rather your trip? Should you go to dinner with the girls, or skip it for your trip? It's a lazy Sunday afternoon, you haven't managed to get out of bed yet, and you're darn hungry. Your roommate calls out "Hey! Let's go get breakfast, I'm too lazy to cook."

What would the coke addict do? They would weigh in their mind, are the hash browns and BLT worth it... or would I rather some more coke later?

"Hell no!" you yell back. Or if you want to be a little more polite, "no thank you!" will do as well.


Now, what makes travel more difficult to buy than coke? Well, minus the fact it's not an illegal drug, but add the fact that it's not some simple, inexpensive purchase.

Yeah, we buy clothes and food constantly. It's only costs a few dollars, and there's instant reward. However I bet that you have spent the equivalent of a weeks trip to Europe, or 3 weeks in Thailand on eating out this past year. Travel is just harder to make happen. Why?

Because it's the unknown. Because you think it must be paid in one lump sum. Because you have to coordinate and plan your holidays around it.

There's more planning, more long term thinking, and it's not an instant rewards. 

Of course, travel is a massive reward. A life changing one in fact, that your Sunday brunch hash browns and BLT never will be. It's one you have to be disciplined to chase and obtain however. It's also one you've just got to say YES to one day. Even if you don't feel completely ready.

I have news for you, you life-planning, practical person. You can take one trip and still have your white picket fence life too. Yep, one trip is not going to destroy your perfectly planned out life. One trip is not going to make you a full blown coke/travel addict.

It will however introduce you to travel, take the fear out of booking a trip and stepping foot on to the plane. And then after that, I'll leave the choice up to you if you'd like to continue working travel into your life.

These 3 simple steps are all you need to step foot on that pflight

So, let's get to some realistic steps you can take to take your trip this year. Not in 2018 (which we've already determined is not going to happen). 

Step 1. Decide travel is your new coke. Compare all other decisions to it. Make it your top priority in life. Write down your decision to now be a travel addict. Tell all your friends. Put images of your dream destination somewhere you will see them frequently, eg. laptop background, cell phone background, Facebook cover photo, print images and stick them to your mirror. The more, the better. Make your trip real in your mind. It's the new you. (It's a good look by the way).

Step 2. Get browsing the blog. There's many other posts helping you with concrete things to do to make your trip a reality. I suggest starting with the following.

And do you know what you have to do after all of this?

Step 3. Book the flight.

Yep, I can promise you, once you book that flight, your trip is GOING TO HAPPEN. Once and for all, you'll actually do it. How do I know booking the flight will make your trip happen?

Let me explain. (You'll see my point in a moment, just go with it.)

Know how many half-marathons I've run? None.

Know how many trips I've gone on since I had the thought cross my mind that I'd like to run a half-marathon? I can't even count them all. 

Why? Because while I would like to run a half-marathon (or at least have a photo of me looking all athletic crossing a finish line), travel is more important to me. Travel is my coke. Not marathon running. Travel is my priority, and so I travel.

What else stopped me from running a half-marathon? I never signed up for one. My possible distant future running goal was so far off, so not real, and so not concrete. And so it never happened. I didn't book it, and I didn't commit.

You know what? It's really not a big deal to me that I havent run that half-marathon yet, or gotten the cute crossing the finish line photo. If half-marathon running was my priority, I would do it. But it's not, and so I don't. Travel is my priority.

When you book your flight, you will go. I can promise you that. The rest, the place to stay, the things to see, the people to meet or go with will come.

The first step in your new travel addicted self starts with clicking Confirm on the booking page.

That's really it. That's all it takes.

Disclaimer: I do not endorse being a coke addict, in fact, I highly discourage it. Why? Because that's money and time you could spend on travel of course!

Now, tell me. Which destination are you booking a flight to?

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Are you that overly practical person who just cannot click confirm on the flight booking page? This is for you.