30 Effortless Dresses For Stylish Spring + Summer Vacationing

Spring + summer style alert! There's so many adorable dresses online right now, I can't just pick one!

I went through some grueling research (*ahem* shopping online while painting my nails) to find the perfect dresses for our upcoming travels and vacations!

Female traveler first world problem: looking cute, because you're about to take a zillion travel photos, but having no time because you snoozed your alarm 4 times after yesterday's full-day wandering around a new city. 

What's a girl to do? Wear a dress. Automatically you look like you put in effort ("ohhh, you look SO cute today!"), AND there's no need to match a top and bottom together. What does that mean? 5 extra minutes of sleep, that's what!

Now before we get ahead of ourselves and start shopping right away, I forgot to mention, my numba 1 way I make money spending money. "You what?" "Yeah, it's a real thing." 

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And now you may go ahead and oggle all the pretty dresses! Click to shop!

Which is your favorite? What will you style your dress with on summer vacations?!

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In LOVE with ALL these adorable vacation dresses!