3 Must-Know Southern Boutiques

Whew, I am officially moved in the South again! It was a massivelyyy long drive down (16 hours, ughh), which I spent with the country cranked up loudly, and a bag full of red bull and snacks beside me. There is absolutely nothing remotely interesting to tell you about the drive, except that Mississippi has really amazingly beautiful rest stops! Look at the photo above; see what I mean!

Now I've finally made it down to my Southern school year home, and am half unpacked, (work-in-slow-progess), I'm excited to have a chance to sit for a few minutes, and write a post for you!


Which brings me to; what happens every fall in the South?

If you said Game Day insanity, you would be very correct!

And what do you need for a successful Game Day? ... Well, a lot of things actually, but most importantly; the outfit!

I rounded up 3 online boutiques that are very classically southern, and which will come in very helpful for you to find the perfect southern-style Game Day outfit.



The sweet ladies over at DejaVu sent me over an adorable romper; sailor stripes? Yes please! The whole shop screams Southern, and I am sure there will be lots of girls parading around in their items this fall.

Shop my romper here

As rompers are still massively trendy at the moment, might I suggest swapping out one of your Game Day dresses for a romper on a Saturday? I saw a few girls last year at games in rompers, and did they ever execute the look wonderfully!

Marley Lilly

Marley Lilly is monogram heaven! Everything you could ever want, monogrammed. I'm especially loving their bags section; may I have them all please?

The Hair Bow Company

To top it all off, ("Bad joke Paige", "I know"), pop a bow in your hair to add in some more Game Day colour to your look!

More from The South to come soon! ... Soon as I finish unpacking that is.