Europe's 5 Oddest Festivals



Who doesn't love a good festival? I for one am more than happy to be presented with any opportunity for a party. Festivals to me are: lots of people, good food, an excessive amount of drinks available, and they tend to be on long, warm summer days. Festivals are a wonderful reason to get together with friends and family for a nice day out.

Well, that's most festivals... These ones aren't your typical festivals.

Those Europeans have produced some extremely odd festivals - however, that just makes me want to attend them more to watch the ridiculousness play out in front of my own eyes. If you're looking for a truly odd experience you'll be able to tell stories about for the rest of your life, look no further.

World Bog Snorkeling Championships:

  • Location: Wales
  • Date: August 30th, 2015

You will likely find a bunch of international folks with a good sense of humour lined up on either side of a long, thin, muddy creek to watch people in ridiculous outfits swim/snorkel from one end to the other. I'd spend a Sunday afternoon watching that.


La Tomatina (The Tomato Throwing Festival)

  • Location: Bunol, Spain
  • Date: August 26th 2015

This festival, while odd, is quite popular and attracts massive crowds. Before tomatoes get hurled through the streets, a ham is placed on top of a greased pole, and onlookers spray those trying to retrieve the ham with water hoses. After that trucks full of tomatoes roll into the street and the tomato crushing and throwing begins. Logical? No. Great time? Yes.


Cheese Rolling Festival

  • Location: Gloucestershire, U.K.
  • Date: May 25th 2015

Step 1. Roll a wheel of cheese down extremely steep hill. Step 2. Chase the cheese & try to beat it down the hill. Step 3. Try not to sustain a massive injury in the process.

(To get straight to the action, skip to 2:06)


Haro Wine Fight

  • Location: Haro, Spain
  • Date: June 29th 2015

Start by partying the night before in town, then early the next morning, head up a hill and begin spraying your fellow party-goers with wine. Be sure to wear white ... not that it will be white for long. Dance the day away while pleasantly wine drunk.


Wife Carrying World Championship

  • Location: Sonkajarvi, Finland
  • Date: July 3-4th 2015

In this unique festival a wife grabs hold of her husband and they race through an obstacle course. Fastest couple wins. The most common form of carrying pose has an interesting look...


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Are there any other truly odd festivals you've ever heard of? Europe, or anywhere else?