Bon Voyage


Hi friends!

It seems fate keeps having the country of Germany and I bump into each other again and again.

I'll tell you the story. As a child I went to a little German school where we enjoyed German foods, the language and learning about the culture. It was there I met a German friend.

When her family's time was done in Canada, her family invited me to stay for a summer with them in Germany. Little Paige nervously hopped on my first solo flight at 15 and off to Germany I went! 

The first thing I noticed from the window of the plane as we hovered over small German villages? None of the streets were in straight lines like in North America, and all the roof tops of the houses were red.

I had an amazing experience in Europe that summer and, as life would have it, a few years later I was back for another month.

Fast forward to just this past fall, I was in my new Southern States home and bumped into a bunch of international German students who I then became friends with.

So where am I going over Spring Break? You guessed it, I just can't get enough of Deutschland apparently.

I'd love for you to join me on the next of the Page by Paige travels so if you're not able to head away next week, you can live it through my photos, and come along for the whole ride from the comfort of your laptop or phone.

The best place to keep up to the minute with my trip? I'd love to invite you to join the adventure on my Instagram, @aPagebyPaige.

It's on Instagram that you will get a sneak peek of what I'm up to before the full posts go live on the blog, and who wouldn't want some front seat access?

Are you headed anywhere on Spring Break? What is the destination you're dying to get to next?!

Tschüss! (Slang Goodbye in German)