$150 Bait Hair Perfume Giveaway

The lovely ladies at Bait Hair Perfume sent me over a few scents to test drive, and they were so kind to pass along a few so my readers could get in on the fun as well.

Alright, so let's get to the obvious here; what the hell is a hair perfume? Great question, I'm so glad you asked! 

Ever been getting ready for the day/night, finished up your outfit, your hair and makeup then reached for your perfume which you proceeded to mist on your wrists, neck, and then on your hair too ... just for good measure? Yeah, we've all done it.

Turns out, regular perfume on your hair will dry it out, eeeek! You cant get the perfect silky, fresh-out-of-the-salon look with dry hair! The ladies at Bait went ahead and solved that problem for us, and out came a hair perfume which doesn't dry out your hair, keeps it smelling fresh, and wafts scent with every flick of your tresses. (... Why didn't I ever think of this?!)

  • Hair Perfume Fact: Hair holds scent better and longer than anywhere else on the body. 

The lucky giveaway winners (there will be 3!) will be heading to their makeup tables with this prize pack, valued at $50 each - $150 total!

Prize Pack:

1 full sized hair perfume (scent of your choosing)

The Bait Minis (in all 4 scents)



Day Dreamer:

A perfect harmony of creamy orange sherbet, coconut, and soft vanilla, this summery scent will surround your dreams with peace and love.

Skinny Dipper:

(My favourite!) An intoxicating cocktail of coconut, suntan lotion, and pool side aroma, this beachy scent will capture the memories of your wildest summer nights. (The description is spot on. I love having this tropical, beachy, rich smell surround me all day!)

Heart Breaker:

A sugar rush of pink cotton candy and decadent vanilla cupcake, this sweet and flirtatious scent will have them begging you for more.

Femme Fatale:

With exotic forbidden fruits, warm vanilla, and hints of dark amber, this sensual scent has been known to lead to irresistibly dangerous situations.

Oh la la, which will you choose?

Entering the giveaway is easy as cake, and odds are in your favour with 3 prize packs being given away!

Follow along on your favourite social media channels in the program below and you are in the running m'dear! (Gents - I know your dream come true might not be to smell like creamy orange sherbert, but think of all the brownie points you'll earn for gifting this to a lady, amiright?)

I can't wait for y'all to get your paws on these, I know you'll love the scents too! Best of luck!

Congratulations to Chelsie, Mikaela and Katlin, our winners! Enjoy the scents ladies!


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