Eating Through Germany

Instead of saying I traveled my way through Germany, I think it would be more appropriate to say I ate my way through Germany. There were many occasions I felt as stuffed as a Thanksgiving turkey as I dragged myself out of a German restaurant.

Here's a taste of where I went, and what you need to try next time you're in the Lower Saxony region of Germany. The boyfriend has lived in the area for some time, so he knew all the best spots the locals hit, and now we know too! 


Hannover, Germany


This is a veryyyy classically German spot, and is very cozy and small on the inside. It was packed when we were there, so if you do stop by, I hope you don't mind getting to know the other restaurant-goers! It's the type of place that offers just a couple different dishes, but do they ever make them well! Tip: Order the Currywurst!


This place was soooo adorable. It's a little tea house, all cozy with spindly stools, dark wooden walls, and a sprawling patio. You'll feel like you've been transported out of Germany, and right into a tea house in England. It's a mixed crowd in the place, perfect for anyone hoping for a spot of tea, and a yummy cake or two. Tip: The carrot cake is a delight!


We stopped here for a beer and an appetizer, and as we drank we noticed waiters whizzing by us with delightfully exciting drinks in a variety of fancy glasses. The place is massive, and is a good spot to meet new people in the city at night.

12 Apostel

12 Apostel offers 12 pizzas, plus a bunch of other items, but really, just get a pizza. They are absolutely enormous, two pizzas hardly fit on our table. The place itself is massive, beautifully decorated, and is buzzing with people holding celebrations, all while lit by little candles at each table to set the mood.


Right in the heart of the action, Markethalle is basically a market of stalls offering full meals, drinks, and proper market-style grocery shopping at low prices. We stopped for lunch and had some delicious Mediterranean food. At Markethalle you can also find food from a whole variety of regions and countries!


Hannover has a whole lot of universities, and you're guaranteed to find all the students in this popular bar in the Linden area of Hannover. Expect to find a few hipsters wearing toques, and some 70's style furnishings. It's another great place to meet a young crowd.

Dublin Inn

I loved, loved, loved the Dublin Inn, so next time you're in the area, GO; you'll be happy you did. I loved it for a few reasons; the bar staff spoke English, so I could actually order my own drink, its where all the expats hang out, so you can meet fellow foreigners, and on the menu they have Snake Bite drinks which brought back many memories from my exchange to England. (Snake Bite's are the drink of British students sports teams). The place itself is so interesting, it looks like a building within a building, and has the most cozy Irish feeling.

Jack The Ripper's

Jack The Ripper's Hannover

There seems to be a lot of British inspired places on this list, but I can't help but give you one more! Jack The Ripper's is a London style tavern. After skipping down a winding staircase, you'll emerge into this cool basement bar, with high vaulted cellar ceilings. Be sure to stop in for a pint, and maybe take a shot with one of the English-speaking bartenders!

Göttingen, Germany


This popular bar centrally located in the student town of Göttingen is perfect for conversation with friends, and a few drinks to get the night started. Like the Dublin Inn, it had the building within a building feeling, with lots of wood dividing the bar into sections, and little tiled rooves poking out from the ceilings.


If you're going to take just one of my recommendations from this post, make it this one; go to Trou! It is a place unlike any I've seen before. Deep in a cellar, with blackened stone walls and ceilings, the more relaxed student crowd is here deep in conversation with friends. It's dimly lit by candles, and has been the spot to go for drinks for years and years, not to mention it was built as a student hangout in the 15th century. You could say it's a staple in the city of Göttingen.

Goslar, Germany


You might have noticed this spot in my last post. It was at the Brauhaus I had my first ever Schnitzel, and I'm now a Schnitzel-lover. Brauhaus is right on the square in the heart of Goslar, and is just as quaint, adorable, and full of German charm like the rest of the town. Not to mention the food is great.


Germany Food Tour

And now I'm just hungry thinking about all this food again... seems this German lion is hungry too, for some Canadian tourist that is.

Any stand out restaurants or bars in Germany you've tried?