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As it warms up... or at least we would hope it will start warming up soon ... ('C'mon now Mother Nature!'), it's time to think ahead to our summer wardrobe. An important part of that wardrobe is a bathing suit that you look and feel great in!

All ladies can pull off a one of these little numbers well. The key to bathing suit confidence is to choose the right one for your shape. So let's get started, shall we?

Src: Unsplash

If you are smaller on top, and curvier below...

  • Pick something that brings the eye upwards, and add some excitement to your bathing suit top. A top with ruffles, bright colours and patterns all add visual appeal, and emphasis.
  • You'll want to pair this top with a simple bottom to detract from bringing much attention below. An exciting top and simple bottom will help balance out your body shape.

Here's a few of my favourites for this type of body shape. (Click the image to find the item in an online retail store & do some shoppin'!)

If you are curvier on top and smaller below ...

When the girls are large, you want an adorable top just like everyone else, right?! But you don't want it to look like a full out sports bra that's trying to keep them tamped.

  • Go for a halter top, it keeps your chest looking great, and in place. Opt for a top with thicker straps; not only will it offer more support, but thin straps will make your large chest look larger in comparison to a tiny strap. Underwire tops are also helpful for this body type.
  • A bottom with some fun detail will balance out the look of the top half versus the bottom.

If you have a hour glass shape...

You are in luck!

  • These vintag-ey looking high-waisted bottoms and one pieces are in style, perfect for your shape, and shows off the curves; little Miss. Beyonce.

Are you seeing these one pieces?! Ah! I couldn't love the scalloped one more if I tried.

If you have an athletic build & broad shoulders...

  • The one rule in this case is to simply avoid bandeaus and anything without straps. You want bathing suit straps, they're your friend, and will make your upper body look more feminine.
  • Ruffles and embellishments up top also add visual appeal, and triangles break up the look of your body's straight lines.
  • Also, you're the girl who can pull off one of those string tied bikini bottoms, so take advantage of it!

If you're looking to save a little on the price of your new suit, (which I'm assuming is every single person ... ever), you'll want to check out The Online Shopping Secret post too!

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