Southern Winter Attire

I wrote Daily Southern Attire a little bit as a joke because I was getting such a kick out of seeing the girls on campus strutting around in their typical southern college student attire. Turns out, it's quite a popular post, even months later.

Now as I've been meandering around campus for the past couple weeks while it has been rather chilly, the attire has changed, but it has by no means become any less funny to me.

Let me explain how to dress like a southerner in the winter months; from toe to head.

Step 1. Running Shoes

The most popular brands are Nike and Asics. The running shoe can really be whatever brand of running shoe you prefer, but it must be a running shoe.

Step 2. High Socks

Nothing says fashionable like socks up to your mid-calf right? ... Well not really, but it's a thing, so jump on board!

Step 3. Black Leggings

I'll give it to them, this is fairly normal, and super comfy.

Step 4. Southerners are like onions, they wear layers.

Layer 1: Baggy cotton t-shirt

Layer 2: Baggy cotton Spirit Jersey, or another type of baggy cotton long sleeve

Layer 3: A second baggy cotton Spirit Jersey or long sleeve... just for good measure

Layer 4: Choose from the below items:

Fuzzy Fleece, Pullover Snap Button Fleece, Sweater that resembles a sheep, Aztec Fleece, a Patagonia Better Sweater

Step 5. Sunglasses

Though it's cold, it's still sunny here in The South y'all. You'll need your sunglasses, Ray Ban Aviators are the sunnies of choice.

Step 6. Headband or Baseball Hat

Some form of sporty looking cotton headband that covers the ears. Pony tail out the top. OR Some form of baseball hat. Pony tail out the back.

Unfortunately I couldn't get my hands on one of those look-like-a-sheep-fleece things for the photos, but I think you still get the general idea, right?