There Are 5 Types Of People You Always Meet In Hostels

A well traveled friend once told me, "'There are 5 types of people you always meet in hostels."

"Yeah, what are those types exactly?" I responded.

Type 1: The Hostel Philosopher

The Hostel Philosopher is often a an Expat Prince; is well off, can afford to travel extensively, and think they're doing "the thing." The Hostel Philosopher in addition to being from a wealthy family is interestingly also quite the hippy at heart. They will tell you what life is really all about, often have some strange life theories, and love meeting new people. They're loving doing "the thing" and will talk your ear of for hours about it.

Type 2: The Party People

Around late morning/early afternoon the Party People will still be snoozing away in their hostel dorm bed, meander out into the new location sometime late in the afternoon, hangover in tow, and will be sure to visit the most typical touristy locations the city has to offer. This is not done alone however, the Party People will bring along their group of 20 friends, take selfies in front of the most important landmarks, Ellen Selfie style with all 20 friends in the photo, and then spend the rest of the night partying it up. They then repeat, repeat, repeat the same motions in every city they visit.

Type 3: The Hostel Grandma

This kind soul travels solo, and enjoys sitting in the hostel lobby for a good majority of the day drinking tea. The Crazy Hostel Grandma had their hey-day in the 60's, but loves to be around the current young folk, particularly the young men.

Type 4: The Chasers

What are they chasing? Sex. The Chasers are hosteling to chase down the next lay. They keep everyone else awake at night, and thoroughly annoying every other person there. (Could you get a room? No, not a dorm room, a private one, thanks.)

Type 5: The Normal People

They're there to see the world, travel cheaply and love to meet new friends along the way!

Are there any other types of people you've met while hosteling that you think my friend missed? Any wild hostel stories for me? (My favourite!) Leave 'em in the comments below!