Spring Break Europe Essentials

I covered what you'll need if you're trotting off to the beach this Spring Break here. But what if you're hopping across the pond to Europe like I am?

Do I have a packing list for you! Those Europeans are a stylish and well-dressed bunch, and you don't want to stick out like a sore North American thumb do you? Europe in winter, think cold, romantic, and stylish.

Strut out of the airport, and onto the cobble stone streets with one of these beauties. London Fog luggage is on sale at The Bay, so get a move on! ... I just procrastinated from writing this post to go pick my favourite one. Happy to announce my pretty new London Fog bag is on its way to me!

Europe, winter, cold. You'll need something to keep you toasty while you go explore the sights in beautiful old cities. Here's a few of my top picks!

For Europe, especially if you're heading to England, you're going to need a stack of tights. A proper Britt girl wouldn't dare to step out of the house wearing a dress without them, so hop on the British bandwagon and pop of few of these in your pretty new suitcase.

Wearing running shoes in Europe screams to the world "I'M A TOURIST, COME ROB ME." Take away; wear anything but running shoes!

Say it with me now, shoulder bag! Keep your hands free for eating that crepe or taking photos by bringing a purse that you can leave on your shoulder. Pick the size of the bag depending on how much of a pack rat you are, and how much stuff you'll expect to want to bring with you each day you go out and see the sights.

If you're like me, staying with or visiting a friend while away, you're going to want to get old fashioned, not to mention hella-polite and adorable, and write a thank you note or two!

Now these are the items you'll need for heading to Europe, but be warned, do not pack that suitcase so it'll burst and is just under the weight limit.

European streets are more heavenly than any American mall. The Europeans are always first on the style trends/they make the trends. While you're there take careful note of what everyone around you is wearing, and I give you special permission to shop till you drop. If you don't pick up those trendy items now, it'll be a year or more before you see them in American stores.

Have a wonderful trip, write me a post card will you?!

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