The Game Day Dress

We're yet to have a home game day here, but that didn't stop me from getting GameDay appareled out, and going out to cheer on our team anyways!

The fact that pearls are an appropriate football attendee accessory is very foreign to a northerner, but do you see me complaining? Rather, I took the opportunity to prance around in delight.

While dresses that have large bows on the back, and make for a perfect spinning photo are lovely, you're yet to see the best part.


Who's not loosing her phone or keys at the game? This girl!

Dress: Lauren James, Bag (similar): Forever 21, Pearls: Mom (priceless!), Nautical Style Bracelet: Ashley Bridget, Wedges (similar): Hope's.

Our first home game is this Saturday. As you could likely assume, I can't waitttt! Game days are something I've heard so much about and was advised that my school does game days 'unlike anything you've ever seen before.'

I have a feeling I'm in for one heck or a riot this Saturday afternoon.

While the football players will be footballing very intensely, the housemates and I will be tailgate tent hopping like its a sport. Watch out, we're a fierce team.

We may not win every game, but we’ve never lost a party.