The Most Wunder-Ful Time Of The Year

Many people believe Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, and to that I most whole-heartedly agree! (85 days to go ... Of course, not that I'm counting or anything...)

Now, December is swell and all, but there's a very important fashion season that happens between now, and when our favourite milk and cookie eater comes to visit. 

There is one staple clothing item necessary in ALL ladies wardrobes for when the leaves turn, the air becomes crisp, and PSL's are in every college girls right hand.

There are many pairs of leggings in this world. So many, it becomes hard to sift your way through them all to find your legging-champion that you will dedicate to for the fall and winter months.

If you have spent long sleepless nights looking online for the leggings to end all other legging purchases, I am happy to announce, I have a fool proof solution to your late-night shopping problem.

These are the one type of leggings you will buy, and be satisfied with for years into the future.

The LuLuLemon Wunder Under crops and leggings will take you effortlessly from your yoga class, to a coffee shop date, to your couch for watching a shameful amount of Netflix.

I can attest that this past October-March, I lived in LuLuLemon's little bit of Wunder Under fabric heaven.

Here are my current LuLu favourites. (Click the photos to find them online, and do a little shopping!)

Now, when living, yes, I mean, living, in a certain type of leggings for an extended period of time, it can be hard to find items to wear with them, that isn't 'flowy top and knee-high boots'. (Don't get me wrong, I am a flowy top and knee-high boots kind of gal, but its only cute for the first week, and gets boring as an all-season look).

So I went ahead and created a couple looks for you!

The Legging's Best Friends Looks: