5 Reasons Why You Shouldnt Go To School In The South

1. The weather is fantastic.

I'm sure you would much rather sitting indoors while its frigid outside between classes, instead of hanging out in the green space complete with water fountains outdoors between classes, yes?

2. Saturdays are dedicated to football.

If you were to go to school in the south your Saturdays would be filled with preparing game day snacks, picking out an over the top adorable outfit and spending an afternoon drinking with friends. It takes a whole day away from studying, and maybe some of Sunday too depending on how good of a time you had on Saturday afternoon.

3. So much southern culture to explore, so little time.

Oh wait, never mind, you'll probably have a bit of time on your hands. The number of courses you take here per semester are a lot less than I was required to take in Canada and England. In order to go to school here, you might have to find hobbies to fill your time!

4. A large majority of student housing complexes have pools.

Keeping your tan well into fall? Nah, that's probably not your thing, right?

5. This, is socially acceptable attire.

While yes, slightly ridiculous, its kind of convenient for when you really feel like putting 0 effort into getting dressed before class.

(No m'dears, I didn't forget about you! I was just taking a short blogging holiday the past few days. You can expect regular PagebyPaige posts to come per usual!)