Daily Southern Attire

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When you walk onto a southern campus, the style becomes very apparent, very quickly.

Repeat after me: "As comfortable as possible."

This is 'How To Dress Like A Southern University Student In 4 Simple Steps.'

Step 1.

Pull on your Nike Free's. The more vibrant the colour, the better. To really go all out, be sure to wear mid-calf length socks.

You could also swap out the Nike's for a pair of Chacos if you wish.

Step 2.

Norts, Norts, Norts. (Nike athletic shorts).


Step 3.

Rep your school, sorority, state, etc. with an over-sized t-shirt or tank. Shirt length should be to the bottom of your Norts, or just past. 

Step 4.

Glossy hair and natural makeup. 

Though the outfit may be casual, southern girls still make a point to have wonderful, but effortless-looking hair and makeup.

10 bonus points to you if you've mastered the 'I just threw up this pony tail, but it looks fantastic' style.


The finished product should look a little something like this.


But Paige?! How do Southerner's dress in the winter months...? I'm so glad you asked. See this post!