The South

I have arrived! I'm officially a resident of the Southern States.

I've spent the past few days going to orientations, shopping for house items, and getting lost on this massive campus.

The campus is beautiful, full of large old trees, red brick buildings, and statues or fountains everywhere. The problem is, all the red brick buildings are giant, and look the same, making determining where you are on campus a large challenge.

Sorry I don't have time to write you a full out post, but there are many of those to follow. I thought I'd check in so you don't think I've forgotten about you!

Funny story before I go. I was in a dollar store buying a couple hooks for my room, and true to southern style, the cashier was extremely friendly. She prompted me with a few questions, learned I was new to school here (it's pretty obvious by my accent), and proceeded to let me know I would be in her prayers to do well here and be safe.

Being prayed for in a dollar store. That's a first.

'You have a good day now y'all,' as the true southerners would say.