Boots & Hearts Festival

Boots and Hearts is the country music festival to attend in the summer! There are always amazing artists playing, and one heck of a party to be had during the day.

The campsites are a prime location for lawn games, meeting new people and dancing on the top of pick up trucks.

A couple of weekends ago the sisters and I piled into a car and headed to Bowmanville, Ontario for the most country weekend of summer.

Our campsite had a little more excitement than most, with a flash flood river, yes RIVER flow directly through it after a hail storm and a dam break. No joke, our conversations for the rest of the weekend often contained the phrase "after the flash flood" or "before the flash flood."

But all was well. We pulled on the rain gear, dried out a few items the next morning and we were back at it, ready to go find out friends in the massive fields of campsites.

Then it was off to the concert grounds! Luke and Blake killed it on stage!