The Going-Away Par-Tay + Craft Beer Festival

My friends and I had a lot to celebrate on Saturday! It was a mix of Nicole's birthday, my going away party, and Avneet's housewarming for his new place in Yorkville.

To start off the festivities we stopped by the Craft Beer Festival at the Steamwhistle Brewery, smack dab in the heart of downtown Toronto. The Craft Beer Festival boasts 20something breweries from all over the area, and lots of daytime music. It's quite the afternoon party, packed with many beer enthusiasts. There was also the girls and myself, who might not be beer enthusiasts necessarily, but we like any good social event. My favourite beer of the day? The White Lightning Lemonade beer from The Flying Monkey! It tasted nothing like beer ... but I wont complain. 

We spent the afternoon enjoying a whole lot of sun, beer, cider, and schnitzel on a bun while at Craft Beer.  It was then back to Yorkville to get ready for part two of the party.

Outfit Details

Dress: Forever 21, Bag: Forever 21 (similar), Sunnies: Ralph Lauren (similar)

Evan and I had a competition going for who could get Avneet the best house warming gift. This was my gift. Think I won?

I cant take all the credit however. There was a definite Pinterest search which helped out.

For the evening I went for the ballerina look/it just kind of happened.

Outfit Details

Skirt: Asos (similar), Shoes: Asos, Bodysuit: Newlook (U.K.) American Apparel (U.S./Canada), Watch: Michael Kors (similar)

For the night we did restaurant, fraternity house party, then 2nd restaurant. Let me tell you about the two amazing restaurants we went to.

If/when you're next in Toronto, I highly suggest a visit to these two places!

El Furniture:

For dinner we headed to El Furniture on Bloor Street. EVERY menu item is $4.95. Yep, that's right, everything is $4.95. Its clearly a very popular place, and was quite busy when we got there. My friends who are Toronto locals also knew the staff by name because they frequent it so often.

Not only is the food an amazing price, the waiters are hilarious, wonderfully friendly and most often may be found having a dance party while pouring drinks, and serving meals. They sing the words to every song, and create an atmosphere unlike any other! At El Furniture, you also have the option to take all shots on a Shot Ski. Clearly the only answer to "Would you like your shot on a Shot Ski?' is "Yes!"

7 West Cafe:

After our evening party, we stopped by 7 West Cafe.

7 West Cafe is open 24/7, and was buzzing with partiers finishing up their evening. Before heading to 7 West, I was sold on the place by someone telling me you can literally order anything you want. There is a menu, but you can ask for any food item you could think of, and they'll do their best to create it for you.

Clearly, that's hella-amazing, and when we sat down I put the menu aside and tried thinking of the exact food I was feeling at the moment, regardless of what was on the menu. (Actually a fairly tough decision to make).

My decision resulted in "a grilled cheese sandwich with guacamole, and bacon on quality crusty bread." Our waiter Jerome let me know he took my order back to his cooks, and they spent a couple minutes trying to determine out of all the breads they had, which one fit the 'quality, crusty' description best.

Seems to be that 7 West really goes the extra mile to make you exactly what you want.

On top of that, the look of the inside is amazing; kind of like a house, kind of like a den, and a little bit hipster. (Take a look at their website to see what I mean).


Shout out to Robyn who planned the whole day for Nicole and I! We much appreciate the wonderful event you organized, and I'm going to miss you bunches and bunches while I'm off being a southerner.

Friends, I'll see you all again at Christmas!

Ta'rah for now!