Kalimotxo; The Drink of French Students

How do poor students in France enjoy a night out? They drink Kalimotxo's!

If you haven't had the pleasure of visiting France, I'll give you some insider information on the Kalimotxo.

The Kalimotxo includes 3 ingredients; all very easy to acquire.

1st: The cheapest red wine you can find

Source: WeHeartIt

Source: WeHeartIt

Emphasis on cheap. This is a student drink, so go find that bottle of vino for €3,00 and no more! Normally, by itself the wine would be horrible, its €3,00, there's no way it tastes good... alone that is!

2nd: Coca Cola Pop

(Pop = Soda if you live anywhere outside of Canada)

Mix two equal parts of your red wine with Coca Cola. If you're feeling ambitious or need to get to the bar quickly, you could swap out two equal parts for 75% wine/25% Coca Cola too.

3rd: Ice

Pop a few ice cubes into your mix, and you're ready to Kalimotxo your night away!


Now, THAT is how you drink like a French student.

Suddenly your €3,00 red wine is a lot more tolerable.