I'm Heading South!


Land ho! It's time for a new adventure! Heres a quick update on yours truly and the blog! 

In just under a month, I'm moving south for school!

It's already been a crazy couple weeks of To Do lists, packing, and visiting with my closest friends before I go. However, PagebyPaige is a priority for me, so while it might be a challenge, I hope to keep consistent with PbP posts.  

To all my family and friends who read PbP, I hope to keep you up to date on my life through the blog, and to all my other readers I haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet, I have a feeling I'm about to take you on one amazing southern ride!  

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Thats all for now, I've got to get back to gameday dress shopping... You know, it's an essential To Do list item before moving south.