30 Is Not The New 20

Source: Pinterest

If you are a 20something, or know someone who is, I have something very important to show you!

Its commonly accepted that the 20's are a time full of endless exciting options, and are a 'free' period before starting 'real life'. That's what I thought at least before being introduced to Mrs. Jay.

While contemplating blowing a year as a ski bunny in Whistler, I came across Mrs. Jay's TEDTalk, and suddenly felt very guilty about my decision path towards doing nothing on the side of a mountain for a year.

Turns out what you choose to do in your 20's does matter. Those who make the most of the 20something years will be ahead, and achieve feats which 20somethings who wasted time likely wont ever have the opportunity to reach.

Watch and learn!

Light-bulb moment anyone?

While being a ski bunny for a year might be nice, I decided not feeling 'behind' for the rest of my life might be a little more enjoyable.

If you're in the midst of the decision 'what to do next' I hope you take Mrs. Jay's words to heart and try to knock some things off the to do list that a lot of people are leaving entirely to their 30's now.

In case you're itching for more, I highly recommend Mrs. Jay's book, The Defining Decade (also here's the US link!) She expands on many of the items she spoke about in her TEDTalk to help steer you in the right direction!

I popped the Audible version on my iPhone and finished it in a matter of days while doing my regular driving to and from work. Promise it's worth the read/listen!

I would be happy to hear your thoughts on the topic. Feel free to join the discussion and leave me a message in the comments section of this page.