Muskoka; Where The Livins Easy


This past weekend the girls and I packed our bags and headed up to the cottage in Muskoka for a weekend. Muskoka is the place to be in the warm months in Ontario. Not only is the scenery of the area spotted with lakes at every turn and is breathtaking; Muskoka is the choice location for, as they say, 'anyone who is anyone' to stay in the summer. Think the Martha's Vineyard of Canada.

After a long work week for all of us, it was a sleepy Friday night after arriving in Muskoka. We kicked off our weekend by preparing breakfast Saturday morning, complete with Mimosas, and hanging around Lake Joe on the boat house for the afternoon.

After our day on the lake we were ready to go see The Arkells at the Kee to Bala! We slipped out of our bikinis and into dresses.

After taking a million photos in the day, we tend to get ridiculous. Enjoy our overly awkward family photo type shots?

After a couple of Sommersbys, we were off to the Kee to see the Arkells.

However, while we went to go see the Arkells, we only saw them play one song. Turns out the Kee has an amazing patio, directly on the lake, with a great crowd of people. We spent the entire night on it socializing, as the Arkells played inside.

We'll catch them next time we're in Muskoka I guess.