Graduation Day!

Graduation 13.jpg

Just a couple days ago I walked across the stage, was hooded, and picked up my very pricey piece of paper; I graduated!

I can honestly say, its been THE BEST 4 years I could have hoped for!

For those people who think the glory years were in highschool, you my friend need to get yourself to university ASAP.

Was it a lot of work? You bet.

University, however, is a lot more than the school work and lectures.

University teaches you just as much about getting through life, and relying on yourself as it does about your program content.

If I had to summarize my 4 years of university and give one life lesson, it would be:

1. The greatest successes in life don’t come easily.

Cliché yes, but more honest words have never been said.

When I think of the successes I’ve had, and the feats I’m most proud of accomplishing, I can tell you they were not easy to achieve. There are so many unglamorous days, and work no one else will see that leads you to great achievements.

There were quite honestly weeks on end I would go locked up in my house writing papers, and the Self Control computer app was my best friend to keep me from getting distracted. You know you’re putting your all into school when eating and showering become a luxury, and not a necessity… yep that happened.

Great achievements don’t just fall into your lap. The people around you who you see accomplishing impressive things worked for it. So remember that next time you’re browsing through someone’s highlight reel on their Facebook.

What I learned in my four years of school is if you have something in mind you really want; get working. That’s the only sure way it’ll happen.

Now, I think I just painted a fairly bleak picture of university for you, but I did say it was the best 4 years.

University enables you to live away from home, go have amazing adventures, meet unique people, and make the closest of friendships… the parties are decent too. Just kidding, they’re amazing.

You live on/beside a campus full of driven 20somethings, and while you’re all dead broke, you easily find ways to create the happiest of memories.

So while those 4 years were tough, they were the greatest years I’ve had yet, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat … well, I kind of am, I’m going to grad school in the fall.

Thank you to my two universities in Canada and England, friends in both places, my family, and my sisters. I’d like to say a special thank you to my mom who is always there for me, even when she’s going through hard times herself… and for religiously reading all my blog posts. Excited to make you proud again with the next challenge I take on.

Now for the good stuff. Here’s my day convocat-ing!

White Dress.JPG

Dress is from here.

Unfortunately its no longer available, but I found some similar ones at Xenia here ($58.00 AUD), Lulus here ($89.00), another from Xenia here (also $58.00), and Debenhams here (£19.50).

Shoes are from Charlotte Russe, similar here ($32.50).

Stole is from an Etsy shop.

Pearls are from mom, priceless!

Graduation 2.JPG

Before heading off to the ceremony, my mom, aunt and I stopped for lunch at The Lake House. I would always pass it on my way to school and back, but never stopped to eat. At night its completely lit up with Christmas lights all over the whole building, and I LOVE Christmas lights!

Needless to say, lunch there was long overdue.

The Lake House.JPG
Graduation 4.JPG
The Lake House 3.JPG

Not bad views to enjoy your lunch to eh?

Sunglasses are from Tiffany.

Graduation 5.JPG

I was so very lucky to graduate on the same day as one of my sorority sisters, so we could take lots of sorority related photos of course! Thanks Nat for being the best support in all the million things we took on at school together!

Graduation 8.JPG
Graduation 10.JPG

2 Graduation Day Tips:

1. Wear wedges! You'll likely be taking lots of photos in nature. Nature = grass, and grass = sinking heels. Wedges are the only way to go for graduation.

2. Bring champagne, it makes for unique photos which most others wont have! 

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Graduation Champagne.jpg
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