Charity Polo? Yes Please!

polo girls.PNG

The ladies and I wrapped up our weekend with a trip to Polo For Heart at the Toronto Polo Club. A family friend's company, who also happened to be one of the event sponsors, sent us to the polo match, (thankyou!). Though none of us knew much about polo, we still had a lovely afternoon.

It just so happened our only free day that weekend was the Sunday, and we planned to go whenever we rolled out of bed. Turns out, our timing was perfect and we arrived in time for the Canada vs Ireland match.

We managed to figure out the very basics of the game by watching. The people watching might have been more interesting honestly ... There were some impressive hats to be seen, and even more impressive picnics!

I had no idea, but people go full tilt in the picnic department. You haven't seen a picnic, until you've seen polo ladies do a picnic. Think the intensity of a SEC football game tailgate, but more posh.

There were a group of young ladies, sitting in beautiful dresses and fascinators beside the field, cheers-ing with champagne glasses (and not your regular picnic plastic ones) to "planning on hiring a driver for next time." Guess they either did some illegal driving or one of them had water in their glass. Not sure which.

Anyways, I was slightly jealous of their preparedness, normally I'm Miss Preparation. So I will be sure to make plans to be as ready for polo as those ladies next time.

After the polo ended, it was on to the divot stomp!

And then watching the skydivers in a challenge.

We followed that up by coo-ing over adorable dogs!

And lastly photo time on the field! We even managed one with players from the Irish team.

(Please note the extremely kind polo player who tried to bend down to seem to be a more reasonable height compared to Brittany ... He still towers over her!)

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Fascinator: Fancy Fascinators.

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Hope you also had a fantastic weekend! I don't know about you ... but I've got another exciting one lined up for next weekend! Is it Friday yet?